We can all agree that first impressions are always extremely crucial for any type of business out there. When you step into business or corporate buildings, the first thing you’ll notice is the cleanliness of the entire place - everything will look tip-top. If the place isn’t clean by any means, you’ll immediately have a bad impression of the same.

There’s no doubt that if you’re running a business or planning to run one, you’ll need to first know the importance of floor cleaning in the proper manner. Be it retail spaces or office areas, clean floors are a must. Having a dirty looking floor can quickly erode the confidence of the customers & clients. Thus, we have formulated the best floor cleaning service techniques that you can implement for your business as well.

Knowing The Best Floor Cleaning Service Techniques

Stripping & Waxing

If your business has a floor type that is waxable, then we suggest using this method. The process will kick-off with an application of a chemical that strips worn-off wax from the floor that is to be cleaned. Often times, a cleaning professional will use a microfibre mop to clean the applied chemical.

It’s important that you let the stripping chemical sit on the said area for a good amount of time before you can decide to mop it away. Once done, any excess residue will be removed and new floor wax will be thereby applied on the floor.

New floor wax is usually applied in dual coats, which means once the first coat dries up, the second coat will be applied. Re-waxing should be done every few months depending on the traffic that your business experiences.


Besides strip & wax, there’s also another procedure that you can try out for your business and that is burnishing. Burnishing can be defined as the process that helps in getting the maximum amount of shine from your hard floors. It’s much more effective than waxing.

Some of the places that benefit from burnishing are:

1.Learning & Daycare centres.
2.Healthcare facilities.
3.Common areas and office buildings.

Floor Scrubbing & Autoscrubbing

You should learn that both of the mentioned terms are highly synonymous with each other. If you have large-sized spaces with hard floors, then this is the best way to keep the areas clean. Professionals such as commercial cleaning in Christchurch services will be using a real-time water suction vacuum along with a rotating scrubbing pad & cleaning agents for the procedure. The technique is highly effective in removing deeply in-grained stains and dirt.

So, if you’re on the look for a competent commercial cleaning service, be sure to let us know and we’ll help you out straight away.

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