Google has finally launched its new Nexus 7 and from what we can see, it's perfect for playing games. Kids will be happy to play on this device and we are about to show you 3 games that are a 'must have'.

There are dozens of games which will test the Nexus 7's limits and that will bring quality performance and waste a few hours of free time. With its upgraded processor and full HD screen, this tablet was made a beast when it comes to games. It has a support for Open GL ES 3.0 that will bring the cherry on the top while playing your game.

Wild Blood

This game gained its tablet support a few months ago but still it's the best game I've ever played on a tablet. It's wonderful 3D google play games graphics are something that will definitely amaze you, especially when played on this new Nexus 7 tablet. Wild Blood is played in single-player mode that puts you in the soul of Sir Lancelot. Your goal is to save Guinevere from King Arthur. It has a virtual joy pad placed on its left side and you can see the buttons on the right which enables you to dodge attack and use special abilities. It will make you think that this game was made for a gaming console because it has colorful photographs and detailed weapons, clothing and characters.

Real Soccer 2013

The earlier version of this game was a real blockbuster when it comes to football games. This new updated version will bring the FIFA rules to mobile devices. The Nexus 7 is the perfect device that can show the game perfectly as this device will bring all the necessary color and sharpness to the scenery, fans and players, that will make you feel you are watching a real game.Alongside the graphics, the Real Soccer's gameplay is something that can't be ignored. The campaign mode that lets you to lead a rookie club to a championship title, is the real deal. It's free for download and it can be found normally in the Google Play Store.

Prince of Persia:

The Shadow and the FlameThere isn't a game list without this game included in it. Prince of Persia line of games really amazed everyone, whether on gaming consoles, PCs or mobile devices. This game was shown at Google's Nexus 7 unveiling event. The shadow and the flame represent the newest edition of Prince of Persia line developed for mobile devices. You are playing the title character and you can climb, roll, jump and run across the cities to reach your goal missions. While in the battle you need to engage your sword and dodge arrows to survive. It has beautiful rendered 3D settings which are spread around 14 levels.These are just 3 of many games available to play on the Nexus 7.

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