Hemp has been a popular choice for making rope since ancient times. It has also seen applications in the medical industry. But nowadays, Hemp is getting popular for another reason: Its ability to help environmental issues. This would help us in the multiple goal of becoming an eco-friendly planet.

Not only the environment but many other industries are also using hemp because of its versatility and low-cost production.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few industrial applications of this wonderful natural resource:


The long fibres of hemp also help in the manufacturing of paper. While it takes many years for a tree to grow, hemp only takes 100 days to get ready.

Moreover, the paper made from hemp is more durable and long-lasting. These qualities make hemp an amazing choice for this industry too.

Hemp reduces the initial cost and helps in producing more paper.


BMW used hemp to make its i3 800 pounds lighter than its competitors. Hemp fibers are strong, reliable and light, which makes them perfect for the automotive industry too.

When vehicles get lighter, they become more efficient as they consume less fuel for travelling a specific distance.

Hemp can help in making vehicles lighter.


The plastic bottles and bags we use every day can cause a lot of damage to our environment. The main reason is that it can’t be disposed of easily. So, our plastic waste is getting accumulated in different areas.

Hemp provides a solution in this regard by providing natural and biodegradable plastic.

The plastic made from hemp finds applications in the manufacturing of plastic bottles, housewares, containers, etc.

Concluding Thoughts

As you would’ve noticed, hemp has plenty of outstanding applications in different industries. Hemp’s association with marijuana has caused it some difficulty in growing at a full pace but its versatility has enabled it in overcoming that obstacle.

What are your thoughts on hemp? What do you think about its future prospects? Share your thoughts.

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By Apratamaa