The world is still fighting from the devastation of the Coronavirus epidemic. After a short period of relief, the second wave of Covid-19 has struck India. The second wave sees an increase in disease and cases. To date, India received 115,736 new cases of new Coronavirus on Tuesday, the highest number ever daily.

About 55,000 cases were reported in Maharashtra, while Chhattisgarh reached a new peak of 9,921 Covid-19 patients. Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi recorded more than 5,000 new cases each day. The central government has warned the next four weeks are "not critical" to control the disease. Experts are concerned that the second wave of Coronavirus will be worse than the first.

Researchers say that a second wave of the virus reports changes in the way the infection develops symptoms. Investigators added a new list of symbols to the list. Common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, body aches, loss of smell and taste, chills, and shortness of breath. Numerous studies indicate that it should not underestimate pink eyes, Gastrointestinal stomach issues, and hearing problems.
Top 3 New Covid 19 Symptoms Below:

1. Pink eyes:

According to a China study, a pink eye or red-eye is a sign of COVID-19 infection. Red-eye, people, can have redness, swelling, and watery eyes. All 12 participants infected with a new strain of Coronavirus, showed this symptom.

2. Hearing loss/disability:

If you have ringing noise or hearing problems, that could be a symptom of COVID-19. International Journal of Audiology states that infection with COVID-19 can lead to hearing problems. The researchers found 56 studies that identified the relationship between COVID-19 and hearing and vestibular disorders. They collected data from 24 studies to estimate an increase in hearing loss to 7.6 percent.

3. Gastrointestinal symptoms:

Researchers say that severe gastrointestinal upset is also a factor. COVID-19 infection affects the upper respiratory system, although new research says that diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea, and pain are Coronavirus symptoms. If there is a digestive disorder, you should check for it.

How are Coronaviruses Diagnosed?
COVID-19 can be diagnosed in the same way in other cases caused by a viral infection: using a blood sample, saliva, or tissue.

However, many experiments use a cotton swab to remove a sample from the nose.

Covid-19 Test includes:

other government health departments
trading companies
certain pharmacies
clinics and hospitals
emergency rooms
community testing centers

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