There are some VoIP solutions, which are industry specific. These industry specific solutions can be used by some specific types of companies belong to some predefined industry verticals only. For example, the class 4 softswitch solution can be used by the wholesale VoIP service providers only. It cannot be used by any general purpose industries such as, baking, hospitality, IT companies, etc. On the other hand, there are some VoIP solutions, which can be used by any and all types of industry verticals. The Multitenant IP PBX solution is one of as such general purpose VoIP solutions, which can be used by any small and medium business as well as a multinational company or enterprise. In fact, it is one of those business tools which are necessary to have in the business to run business more effectively and accurately. Read on to know about the top 3 reasons to use Multi-tenant IP PBX software for the businesses and enterprises.

  1. It satisfies the communication and collaboration needs of the businesses

The Multi-tenant IP PBX solution gets developed by the VoIP experts in the top VoIP companies. These top VoIP companies make sure to furnish it with all simple to advance features a company needs to meet its day to day and long term communication and collaboration needs. From simple extension to extension calling to conferencing systems are integrated as internal features in the Multi-tenant IP PBX system. Moreover, the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution also supports all types of communication channels. It means the companies can have voice calls, video calls, instant messaging, image sharing, file sharing, etc. with internal staff as well as outside people. This speeds up the operations of the company.

  1. It increases productivity

The Multi-tenant IP PBX solution offers all types of collaboration and communication features which can be accessed remotely. In fact, some configurations make feature access possible, even when the person is not accessing the Multi-tenant IP PBX software. For example, Call forwarding in the holiday will forward all calls coming to the office extension to a predefined mobile number of the sales representative. There are many as such features available which assures that the work goes on all the time. This makes sure that the employees deliver the best performance at any point of time. This increases the productivity of the staff exponentially.

  1. It saves money

The Multi-tenant IP PBX solution uses internet protocols to establish, carry out and tear down the calls and all other types of communication. This reduces the cost of communication by 50% or more. Furthermore, the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution is a web based solution which reduces the cost of setup, management, and maintenance significantly. This way the companies can save a significant amount of money every month.

These are the top 3 reasons of using the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution. In simple words, access to pool of features and benefits can be available at cheaper cost. This makes the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution a must have system in the companies and enterprises.

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Author works in a VoIP company which develops multi tenant IP PBX solution, class 5 softswitch, class 4 softswitch, IVR solution, conferencing solution, etc.