A hard working, gym-time-served Bodybuilder will already be in maximum control over their diet... When your body is pushed to its limits on a daily basis every calorie counts – and that's why each of us chases the perfect balance between calorie input and output in our quest towards reaching the peak of physical strength and performance. When your calorie intake is higher than your calorie output you gain body fat... and although you might still be gaining muscle under there; you might not be able to see it if you are carrying the bulk of extra weight.

This is where cutting comes in. You cut down on your calorie intake without removing the vital proteins that are boosting your muscle gain – and still maximise the energy with which you hit that weight bench. Cutting is a tricky process that depends largely on diet and, of course, what Bodybuilding boosters you are taking.

Cutting is usually done in cycles that are interspersed with a high-protein but less strict diet that allows muscle to build at a more natural rate. When you add in a compound like Clenbutrol the weight loss during cutting down body fat is accelerated. There are numerous health benefits to the drug but its use by athletes is prolific. This is because it allows you to metabolise at a faster rate therefore allowing you to burn more fat than you normally would. To athletes; it also enhances protein synthesis, strengthens the skeleton and (most relevantly) lets you retain both muscle mass and strength gains whilst you are losing weight.

Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk is commonly used alongside other non-steroid performance enhancing drugs. It has the added benefit of being legal and has none of the 'steroid' side effects as discussed on Rebornt website. Commonly known as 'Clen', this drug works best on the fat surrounding abdominal and stomach muscles, making it an eternally popular choice to weight lifters everywhere.

So what are the top 3 reasons to start cutting?

  • Your muscles will appear tighter and firmer.
    If you want super tight Abs and arms that bulge then cutting will make everything stand out.
  • Any progress you make in muscle gain will become visibly more pronounced.
    You'll be able to track your gains by eye in a matter of days, especially with Clenbutrol as an aid.
  • Improved Vascularity – a super win for the builders out there.
    If you need those veins to really stand out for that competition, or if you are just out to impress – nothing says 'Bodybuilder' like a little vascularity!

So if you are looking to make big progress fast then chemically enhanced cutting might be just what you are looking for. It will make a difference in your bulk without affecting your strength or energy levels, while slimming down your body fat to make those muscles really pop out. Once you've tried it you will understand the benefits... until then; there's always the treadmill.

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