We all know Halloween time means eating a lot of sweets….. especially the “Mommy Candy Tax” we get to charge for toting our little ghouls and ghosts around.

But, the temptations aren’t just during Trick or Treat. We go to work and someone bakes scary cookies, or monster cupcakes. We visit our family and friends, and they have a spooky bowl out filled with candy and treats. We go to stores and they give us even more candy and treats. It seems like everywhere we go there is something good to eat around this time of the year. Although it is great, this is around the time that everyone seems to start gaining weight. The excuses start piling up on about how they will get back in shape once the holiday season is over. Why not stay in shape during the holidays and enjoy candy and treats at the same time?
Here are a few tips that will help you stay fit while being able to enjoy some of those fun sweet treats:

1. While contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to completely stop eating all the sweets at work and home. The key to staying in good shape is eating in moderation. That means when you go by the candy bowl, only reach in 1 time every few days instead of reaching in every-time you go by the bowl. Some people keep eating and eating, yet seem to think since these are small candies that they will not add any weight. Fun size isn't really that much fun. That assumption is false, many small candies each day create one big problem. Can you guess what problem that is? Yes, an increase in your waist line. Not Bikini Cute!

2.Increase your exercise during this time of the year. If you still want eat some of the goodies, you have to be sure you up your work outs as well. While you will not lose much weight at all, you will keep up your same weight through the holidays if you do this. You can take small steps like, taking the steps instead of the elevator when you go to work. Parking further and walking at a quicker pace. Going for a walk outside or on your treadmill daily.

3. Look into healthy sweet recipes. For lifters you can create protein brownies with low-fat and low-calorie ingredients. You can get creative and create Halloween themed ones. While they may cost a bit more, it will save you inches on your waist in the long run, while being able to enjoy fun-filled treats. Check out my post on Healthy Donuts too!!

That's it ladies, the top three steps to having a good time on this holiday. Please remember, the key to being healthy, happy and all around awesome is moderation. What were those keys again? Remember to keep it with moderation, increase your exercise during this time of the year, and look into healthy sweet recipes. There is also another super secret step if you want it? Ready, check this out!

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