Sometimes beginners may get confused when trying to choose the best WordPress booking plugins from many. We often get questions like – what is the best WordPress plugin for event management, SEO, social media, etc. Unlike other websites, we test, examine and reviews the best WordPress plugins to help you chose the best plugin among many. We do research before putting any WordPress plugin on this list. Below are the lists of top 3 WordPress booking plugins, not because of their popularity but because of their functionality.

1. Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation

This is another WordPress plugin for creating an online bus booking system. If you want to take your bus booking business online, this plugin is a must choice. By using this plugin at any WordPress website, you can create an online bus booking system.

 Your customers/passengers will be available to book bus seats and buy bus tickets online (without traveling physically to bus counter). This is the only bus booking plugin available at the WordPress repository. Some core features of the plugin are:

  • Create as many bus booking systems as you want using this plugin.
  • Support adding multiple pickups and dropping points.
  • Different bus ticket price can be set for different routes.
  • Support the online payment method via WooCommerce.
  • Passenger/traveler management from backend.
  • Generates pdf tickets for registered travelers.

2.WooCommerce Event Manager

By using this WordPress plugin, you can easily create and manage an online event booking system. Beside an event booking system, you can create almost any type of booking system using this plugin.

The developer of this plugin integrates WooCommerce with it for creating an online payment system. The payment system makes this plugin more powerful. The features of this so enriched that it will take more than 50 pages just to complete wiring about this plugin. However, below are some main features of this plugin:

  • Create an unlimited event booking system at any WordPress powered website.
  • Support almost all online payment methods via WooCommerce.
  • PDF ticket manager (sell event tickets from your website).
  • Responsive design & user-friendly.
  • Shortcode powered (show event anywhere at your website) and many more.

3.WooCommerce Multipurpose Booking Manager

This is of the very few plugins that can be used for multipurpose booking purposes. Just by using this booking plugin, you can create different booking systems such as – bus booking, ship booking, car booking, ferry booking, etc. Mainly this plugin can be used for creating booking systems for any type of vehicle. Some strong functionality of this plugin are:

  • Works for creating any type of vehicle booking system.
  • Works with any type of WordPress standard theme.
  • Easy seat plan creating system.
  • Support creating boarding & dropping point.
  • It comes with PDF ticket manager.
  • Easy online payment integration.
  • Highly customizable, responsive & developers friendly.

Wrapping It Up

If you are searching for the best WordPress booking plugins for your business, the above three plugins are the best choice. Compare to other booking plugins these plugins have advanced functionality.

If you have a WordPress website, you can easily create a booking system using these plugins in a few minutes. All these plugins are available at the WordPress repository (free version), feel free to check them out.

However, because of customer demand, the developer of this plugin also created dedicated addons for each of these plugins. Addons can be used for adding new functionality to your booking system. The addons are not available at the WordPress repository, you can find addons at the official website of the plugin’s owner.   

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