There are considerable psychological differences between boys and girls that can be detected within the first few months of their lives. Parenting magazine usually discuss about researches that have demonstrated how boys and girls differ in terms of their response to motion, crowd and fear. According to a study, girls start talking earlier than boys; however, the latter hit major motor milestones earlier than the former ones. One should consider such behavioral differences while selecting gifts. Let us discuss the ideal gifts for baby girls based on their psychology.

Ideal Gifts for Baby Girls

Here is a list of some of the best gifts for baby girls that you can give on birthdays, baby shower or any other occasions:

  • Pretty socks

    One-year olds are generally curious about the things they see or feel; therefore, they like to wander about to touch and feel objects around them. In order to keep a child’s feet soft and secure from cold, dust and bruises, a mother likes to adorn them with a pair of socks. There is a wide variety of socks available in different materials, such as wool, cotton and cushion. When you choose a gift for your friend’s child, look for colors such as, pink, red, violet, white and yellow. A pretty bow on the top with some lace detailing will contribute to the beauty of the little one greatly.

  • Soft toys

    While baby boys may prefer racing cars, puzzles and toys to enhance their motor skills, choose the more pleasant-looking toys for girls. A recent study stated that that a 12-months old baby girl refuses to touch a toy when the mom makes a fearful face as she approaches it. On the other hand, in similar situations, a baby boy would actually disregard the mother and go for the toy. Therefore you can choose dolls, cute-looking teddy bears and talking monkey that do not get the baby girl intimidated. Make sure that you choose toys in the shades of whites, pinks, blue and yellow instead of black, brown, orange and red.

  • Bathing kit

    Gifting a baby girl a nourishing bathing kit is a good idea. Create a pack with a soft hand towel, body towel, mild soap, shampoo, baby oil and baby lotion. You can even think of gifting a bathtub with a built-in digital thermometer. Advanced bathtubs have an outlet at one end to remove the dirty water while the Clearwater fills in through the inlet in one end of the bathtub.

  • Engraved piggy bank

    Girls like to save, of course, to shop more in future. Gifting a customized piggy bank in colors such as pink and silver with the baby girl’s name engraved on it can make an excellent gift for a little one. She is bound to treasure the gift when she starts going to school. You can gift the piggy bank to the little one with some cash already in it.

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