There are a variety of things which can bring life and aesthetics to your private space. If you are planning for full bathroom renovations this year, consider some unique improvements that can add value and feel to the space. 

The huge investment might compel you to think about how to utilize the space while keeping the luxury bathroom essentials intact. It’s important to decide the requisites and luxury you want to incorporate in your bathroom. Typically, bathroom essentials include showers, bathtubs and storage cabinets. 

Apart from the basic requisites, you can elevate your space by adding some en-suite improvements that can enhance the functionality, comfort and storage for the years to come.

A Hidden Tank Toilet Is The New Trend

Toilets with hidden tanks come with a unique water vessel mounted inside the walls. If you are not lucky to have a spacious bathroom, you can try this option where you can save a lot of space. The hidden tank toilets not only save your space but the low-flow models help restore water every time you press the flush. It is a great idea that adds value to the space, especially after the renovation. Moreover, it can fit in all bathroom styles and brings aesthetics to modern and contemporary bathroom decor.

Small and Textured Tiles Elevate Your Shower Floor

Whenever you opt for bathroom renovations in Ryde, you will be provided with thousands of flooring and tiling options that can make your bathroom look no less than a spa. If you want to install a walk-in shower, you need to be careful about the tiles surrounding the shower. The best way to elevate your walk-in shower is by using small and textured shower tiles. The tiles come with added grouting and prevent your feet from slipping even if the floor is wet and slippery. The contemporary textured tiles offer the ease of maintenance and the grouts work like wonders to prevent moulds and stains from accumulating on the tiles.

Small Plumbing Drain Pipes Improves Drainage

If you have not yet considered this idea for bathroom renovations in Castle Hill, it’s high time you include this in your priority list. This small and invisible improvement can make a huge difference in enhancing the functionality of your existing space. In general, the bathroom drain pipes range between half to quarter inches and most of them are usually PVC pipes. The benefit of using these pipes is they can clog well, especially if your family size is big and everyone using the same shower. Plumping drain pipes drastically improve the functionality of your drainage for the years to come.

Freestanding Baths Bring Luxe and Aesthetics

People who plan for bathroom renovations, always look for unique and practicable bathroom renovation tips, that can add a touch of sophistication to their space. While bathtubs are one of the basic essentials to consider, choosing the right one that can improve the functionality of your space. The bathroom renovation experts always suggest installing freestanding baths as it creates great visual impact without compromising on space. If budget is not a constraint for you, you can opt for clawed freestanding baths that give a sense of sophistication and elegance. 

Ending Words

If you are spending money on bathroom remodelling, make sure you implement changes that will enhance the look, feel and functionality of the space. 

Make your investment worthy by hiring a professional bathroom renovation company who can provide you with unique bathroom remodelling ideas.

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The author owns a company offering unique bathroom renovations in Ryde and owns a team of experts who provide clients with incredible ideas on bathroom renovations in Castle Hill.