Have you observed a figure of goals from your agency so they can strike your targeted hiring dates?
Do you believe them to the point of not panicking about their quality of employees?
If you can’t say “yes” to all of these queries then you actually need to think about whether they are the right placement agencies for your company. To have the ideal partnership established, you need to understand that they will be gazing out for you, not thrusting their people through the procedure that are not the right suit. This is a guide to aid you see what you should be gazing for in Top Recruitment Agencies as a partner to your venture needs:
1. Understands your company:
Good: Understands the industry and size of your firm and will aim the right applicant – to ensure they will be the right fit they’ll evaluate the employee appropriately.
Bad: Hasn’t taken the time to match with employers or get to understand you or the firm; they are too concentrated on getting the next employee or client to partner with.
2. Comprehends your business needs:
Good: Comprehends where your venture needs lay and is a true partner with what you are striving to achieve.
Bad: Doesn’t take the time to know what your venture goals are and tensions more about what they will receive in income than searching the right candidate.
3. Always striving to get better:
Good: Takes hour to match with you to go over your requirements and pursue responses after interviews to certify they are aiming the right pool of applicants.
Bad: Puts the same type of applicant in front of you after you have said no and doesn’t comprehend why you remain to say no plus constantly has justifications on why things are not a success.
4. They hear:
Good: Takes hour to hear what you desire and need, doesn’t put strain on you to make reckless determinations but puts up timetables to get sufficient response.
Bad: Asks the same queries and will find short cuts on getting you the right applicant because they are thrusting too many applicants to you that do not fit your requirements.
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BDS Recruitment is recognized for higher performance which they accomplish with smaller time to employ.