There are a large number of options when you are considering buying a gooseneck trailer, single axle enclosed trailer, open trailers and different sizes too. Here is a look at 4 options for open trailers.

Gatormade Gooseneck Air Ride Trailer 35 + 5

This trailer comes with air ride suspension meaning it is a better option for taking loads that are fragile without risks of damage. The suspension is adjustable so you change it according to what you have loaded. It is a great tow and is smooth to pull and it comes with attractive fuel economy advantages over other options. You also get a trailer that can handle different terrains and suffers less wear and tear as a result. You have more flexibility when loading heavy cargo as it has a spread-axle. It is also durable with the 14” l-beam that is part of its mainframe that can take a lot of heavy use. Other key features include;

  • 12K disc brakes and axles
  • 5 inch cross-ply tires (commercial grade so they last longer)
  • DOT approved light package
  • Safety breakaway system
  • 6” torque tube
  • Powder coating that is durable
  • Winch plate
  • Mudflaps

This is one of the great open gooseneck trailers. It allows long and heavy loads, it has a dependable braking system that lasts longer than other systems in other trailers and it does not sway or flex as much as other trailers.

Gooseneck Big Tex 22gn HD tandem dual-axle

This trailer comes with steel to give it a smooth expert finish and as well as being attractive the finish offers it protection too. The floor is treated pine or douglas fir and is 2 inches thick. There are safety features included to make sure you can haul any load safely on this example of gooseneck trailers. Key features that stand out include;

  • 12” l-beam
  • Quality finish
  • GVWR of 23,900lbs
  • Two 10K dual-wheel with electric braking
  • DOT approved lighting
  • A spare tire
  • On trailers 28’ or more you have a torque tube

Gooseneck PJ trailers low-pro flat deck with duals

There are some interesting things about this open trailer that make it stand out from other goosenecks. It has a GVWR that is higher than many at 25,000 lbs so you can carry heavier loads or take more on. Its suspension means you get a smoother ride too and uses the best axles designed to handle heavy use. Some key features are;

  • More stability due to the 5 leaf slipper spring suspension
  • Electric breakaway safety kit
  • 8’ ramps to make loading and unloading easier
  • A toolbox at the front that is lockable
  • Stake pockets and rub rails to keep your load secure
  • Reflective tape and DOT approved LED lighting
  • Powder coat finish that lasts longer
  • Steps for easy offboarding and boarding

Gooseneck top hat heavy hauler

This is one of the more durable and better-built gooseneck trailers. It has several sizes and the floor is 2” pine that has been treated. The frame is 5 by 3 by ¼ on trailers 16 foot to 20 foot and then 6 by 4 by 5/16 on a trailer that is 22 foot or 24 foot. It does not handle as heavy loads as the above trailers with a GVWR of 14000lbs but it is well crafted and a good option if you are not looking to pull around such heavy loads but still want something that is made well. Features include;

  • GVWR of 14,000lbs
  • 2 x Dexter cambered e-z lube axles
  • DOT approved reflective tape
  • LED lights flush-mounted in the tailboard
  • 3” square tube top rail
  • 2” floor made from treated pine
  • Spare rack


There are a lot of different trailers out there whether you want open options for large and heavy loads as about or something like a single axle enclosed trailer. Be sure to explore to find the best deal.

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