Life has become so fast today that parents hardly get time to be with their children. They are desperately trying to find time for their kids and are constantly looking for different entertaining ways to teach their children and interact with them. Surprisingly, smartphones and tablets have become platforms that enable parents to entertain and educate their kids and at the same time, spend some quality time with them. There are plenty of mobile applications that enable them to teach new things to their children and amuse them. Now, for all those parents who have iPhone, here are 4 must-have iPhone applications that will educate as well as entertain your kids.

iStudiez Pro

This application is a unique built-in planner that helps teachers, parents as well as students to manage and organize their schedule. It is an excellent app for parents who are trying to catch up with their kid while they are in elementary. Because of parents' busy schedule, they often can't keep track of their children's schedules and routines. With iStudiez Pro, they can keep track of their children's schedules, follow up with kids' assignments and homework and get their grades or GPA. The app has support for world's most used grading scales like letter grades, percent and points. It also summarizes the events and assignments including the details like location of an event, it's time, class instructor and what's next on schedule.

Word Wagon

Your kids will surely fall in love with this application. It serves the dual role of educating plus amusing your kids. It has a mouse called Mozzarella and Coco, the bird and best friend of Mozzarella. These characters will help your child to learn letters, words and phonics, and while they're busy in learning, Mozzarella and Coco will play different games to keep them entertained. Word Wagon encloses more than 100 words, and the words can be chosen from seven different categories - Animals, Food, Vehicles, Numbers and Colors, Around the House, All Words and Mozzarella and Coco's Favorites. With Word Wagon in your iPhone, it'll be easier for you to teach letters, phonics and spelling to your child.

Miss Spider's Tea Party for the iPhone

Telling bed-time stories to children has become a routine for parents. If you have Miss Spider's Tea Party for iPhone, then it'll be easier for you to keep your children entertained and enthralled with your story. It tells a story about Miss Spider who's hosting a tea party but, she has no friends. It's an intriguing tale of how Miss Spider is able to make good friends and invite them to her tea party. This app also includes touch-based animation, puzzles, paintings, matching game and more activities that help your child to learn in an interactive manner.

Phone for Kids – All in one activity center for children HD

With no less than 24 amazing, exclusive educational games and activities, this iPhone application, indeed, acts as one activity center for your kids as it allows them to interact, entertain and learn new things. Phone for kids has easy to understand materials that help children to learn about colors, numbers, letters, shapes, directions, animals, drawings and many others. This app turns your iPhone into a mini learn and play center and is extremely useful for children of various ages.

iPhone has always proved to be useful for people of different age groups playing different roles in their lives. Be it a mother, father, a teacher, a student or a housewife, iPhone applications have something in store for everyone. One can also get customized iPhone applications by getting your ideas converted into real-time apps with the help of reputed an iPhone apps development company.

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