If you are striving to keep up with all that employer's headaches as rostering staff, managing, and scheduling employees, then rostering software could be the only best option and a great solution to your needs. Wall charts, Paper calendars, Excel sheets are mostly time-taking processes and constantly inefficient. Rostering software accesses you to track and organize schedules in real-time. Whatever is your size of the company and what services you offer, there are few evident advantages.

What’s rostering software?

A staff roster app supports every small company and manager for managing and organizing their staff work rosters. In a single look, you could find who is over the roster for the month, week, or day and can view the employees that are and aren't available, handle time-off requests, cover employees last-minute modifications, handling everything on the go easily, accessing for much direct accessibility for your team and you from your devices and much more.

So, investing in good rostering software will offer you real-time availability for creating a quick roster, and even an accurate one along with no time wastage and no more errors, and no last-minute shifts without discovering a reasonable replacement quickly. Here are the main benefits of rostering software ;

• make sure your every shift is sufficiently covered
• you can save costs through overstaffing a department or shift
• you can find who is available for work when some of your employees call in sick
• can avoid scheduling issues by fitting scheduling with staff accessibility
• make sure much equitable rostering
• handling staff leave
• easily track the absenteeism!

So, that gives tons of benefits and options at a single click. Thinking to look at rostering software, to make your job easy we compiled a list of the best and popular rostering software here are they.

1. Gunitime

GuniTime is one of the best employee scheduling and rostering software that is made for both management and employee purposes so you know you are surely going to get something good from this software.

It's an easy-to-use and smart one to manage, manipulate and create your rosters in the way you need along with customizable settings make this tool a popular one in the crowd. Not just employees manage your business vehicles easily with Gunitime on a single interface.

● Costs of Staff forecasts
● Up-to-date award understandings
● Integrated with Payroll platform
● A perfect employee communication tool
● Web-based time clock
● Vehicle management services
● Timesheets integrated with location to known employee whereabouts with pictures, comments, and location, work schedule

With Gunitime, you could view a real-time cost analysis of the employees, meaning you can view your staff costs for the extra shifts, for the week or day, or forecast staff costs, when you want.

GuniTime even works as a best employee communication tool as you could send or contact your employee, through email and more, by alerts and reminders, notifications. So, your employees can't find any reason for not knowing about their next new roster.

GuniTime supports in managing, swapping, filling, your staff shifts by finding who’s available, and alerts them by notification.

2. Deputy

Deputy is the best employee rostering, tasking, time & attendance, communication platform. Deputy got a dashboard that is easy where you can include your logo and personalize colors of logo for your branding.

One of the vital features of Deputy is surely training management. Training could be included to employee information that access managers to find which staff are good enough to take varieties of tasks so scheduling is much profitable. A handy feature for ensuring you bring the perfect person to the perfect job, mainly when you need to swap a place within the very quick notice.

Deputy even provides task management. Tasks could be allocated by employers, or employees could allocate themselves a task. Marking a done task as finished is simple as checking a checkbox of the task.

Ad hoc reporting and analysis are accounting features from Deputy access that allow you to generate a one-off report for accessing you to examine the company performance that supports you in making rostering decisions depending on real data. Track wage costs and stay within budget.

● Leave tracking and email notifications for staff regarding their rosters
● Its attendance features geolocation to view who is working from where
● Promising statistics
● Reporting and compliance management
● Data export and import
● Secure login with manual time entry
● Offline access saves up to 24 hours of action till you’re back online

3. Ento

Ento is a user-friendly and lightweight attendance and rostering tool which is simple for both management and staff. It is even scalable for every business, either you’ve got just a single employee or thousands of them.

Among its features are:

● An effective drag-and-drop interface
● Roster template design
● Up-to-date award statement
● Payroll platform associations
● An in-app employee communication tool for roster changes, availability, shift swaps
● An in-clock function along with geolocation to view who is working
● cloud-based automatic backup

Ento’s onboarding method made this software stand out. Their paperless onboarding methods for fresh starters so all the details could be completed within the tools themselves so no need of messing with the piles of paperwork.

Digital contract signing can make this process much simpler. It’s a secure and safe, efficient way for welcoming your new staff.

4. HotSchedules

HotSchedules are dilated on the site that utilizes them for rostering the perfect staff at the perfect time that could reduce your labor costs by 2 percent. It provides a neat interface where managers can view and manage over employees' doings. HotSchedules is most recommended for the hospitality and restaurant industry.

These are some of its helpful rostering features:

● Drag and drop easy interface
● Templates that are ready-made
● Pro, access time-off, availability in a single spot
● Daily Roster Report is very fast to read along with real-time updates

There are several rostering software in the market, yet finding the one for your business is always tougher. But software such as Gunitime does everything from scheduling, sharing and executing, monitoring for your staff. You can easily build rosters and distribute with employees, handle breaks, track hours, look at over time, keep your staff stays aligned, and even manage vehicle and labor costs. GuniTime is even 100% free for 3 team members, if you need more staff Gunitime easily on the pocket paid plan will help you. Explore Gunitime and its services today

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GuniTime is easy-to-use workforce management software solution that simplifies onboard staff, create rosters, track timesheets, & pay employees.