If you have already installed a sprinkler system in your garden or landscape area, you have done the best thing so far. You are guaranteed to save a vast amount in your monthly water bills.

However, it is your responsibility to maintain the sprinkler system well to get long-term best service. In this article, you will learn about the easy practices to maintain it well.

How Long Does It Take To Watering: Generally, your landscape and lawn need an inch of water per week. An efficient sprinkler system delivers about 1’ of water in just 15 minutes.

So, you have to measure the timing of your sprinkler system to provide water in 15 minutes, as well. Set out cans in several watering zones.

Turn on your sprinkler system and after 15 minutes, take a ruler to measure how much water is filled up in the cans.

If the cans are not filled as expected, it will let you decide if you need to readjust the system or look for a repair.

Adjust the Water Schedule According to Seasons: Your lawn and garden don’t need the same amount of water in spring as they require in the summer.

When the temperature drops down, you should readjust the system so that the water does not deliver more than the needs.

Also, different areas of your property need different watering amount. Your lawn that faces in the shaded part needs half the watering, and the sunny part needs more watering than usual.

So, adjust the sprinkler system meeting each area’s watering needs.

Install a Rain Sensor: When it rains, you don’t have to use the sprinkler system. Therefore, if you install a rain sensor, your sprinkler system will shut off your irrigation automatically when it senses rain.

So, ultimately, you can save more water and your money, as well.

Inspect the Sprinkler System Regularly: You have to inspect your sprinkler system for any broken issues, leaks, misdirected heads, and other issues.

If anything wrong happens with the system, it wastes water and your money, as well. If the entire garden or lawn is not getting the watering on the same amount, there might be a leakage or other misdirection in the head.

So, fix or repair the problems of your domestic sprinkler system immediately.

Moreover, these are the things you should maintain for your sprinkler system.

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