In the hindu mythology,Nataraja statues are widely worshiped by the admirers of Hinduism.The posture and the fine art of Natraja are portrayed in a Hindu engravings and Vedas as a symbol of artistry and as a depiction of Lord Shiva dancing in a trance.The most engaging certainty of Nataraja form represents Lord Shiva doing artistic movements in the cosmos.Apart from being an ultimate dancer,he's in almost every story tale, and it's common to see his statues in every home. However, this lord of birth & death goes along with certain rules when bringing him into your life! Here is the list of top 4 tips one should adhere to before placing a Nataraja statue at home.

What Does Nataraja Statue Signify?

The dance of Lord Shiva signifies Ananda Thandavam wherein the universe is made, kept up and destroyed.Lord Shiva's move represents a depiction of musical play which according to science is the source facilitating motion within the universe. Moreover,It also signifies the divine bond between religion and artistry.

Nataraja consolidates a dauntless festival of delights. Subsequently placing Nataraja hindu sculptures keeps evil forces away thereby, manifesting devotion. His moves define a portrait of five standards of life namely illusion, creation, preservation, destruction & salvation.

Apart from these , Nataraja statue also signifies various other important aspects of this universe.For example his hair represents the flow of ganga river which symbolizes ignorance and the snake coiling his head represents the life aspects of past,present & future.

Top 4 Rules to Know Before placing Nataraja Statue:

Where to Place Statue:

Most of the people don't know about various exclusive spots at their location to place Nataraja to enhance the vibration it emits. As per Vastu, the best placement of god statues is in the northeast corner. Likewise, It is an appropriate direction to set up the pooja room. The most suitable spot for a Nataraja Statue is on a heightened table. However, any spot within the home which is not surrounded by excessive items can be used for statue placement.

Furthermore,refrain from placing the god statues close to the bed or under anything, similar to a clothesline. Unlike the Ganesha statue, Nataraja should not be kept at the workstation since his energy is extremely strong.

Which statue to go for :

A dancing shiva statue reflects intense energy, while a meditating sculpture radiates calmer energy. You should always consider your personality and energy requirements before placing a Nataraja statue at home. For example, a person with high-vitality should consider getting a meditating statue rather than a dancing one. Apart from this, for maximum effectiveness, one should refrain from placing two or more brass idols of hindu gods adjoining each other.

Avoid Leather Items Near Statue:

After you have fixed the position for placing the Natraja statue, make sure you take care of its surroundings . Anything made out of leather like belts, shoes, bags etc. should not be present near the Natraja statue as its considered to reduce the energy flow of the statue which can cause negativity in the atmosphere. Interestingly,people prefer to keep flowers near the hindu statues to bring good luck among family members.

How to Worship:

To embark devotion and positivity at home, all the family members should take out some time to worship the almighty. The starting of your day should be done by offering prayer to the Lord Shiva. While in the pooja room, you should light diyas, provide milk to the statue and recite Shiva chant multiple times. Lastly,as a rule you should worship lord Ganesha before lord shiva. It's believed that Ganesha removes obstacles and makes our concentration better during prayer.


A Nataraja statue is an flawless artistic blend of precious metal and stones, each supplementing the other. Gifting your loved ones a nataraja statue will make a commendable gifting alternative that can embellish living spaces. Every part of the Nataraja statue signifies different highlights, features thereby making it a visual showstopper . The statue, when placed correctly by following the tips mentioned above can add on to the interior and enlighten the atmosphere of the home.

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