You are missing out massively if you do not have a Facebook Fan Page for your business. With over 350,000,000 active users, Facebook can help grow your business rapidly and massively. Beside the massive potential customers you would meet on Facebook and other social media platforms, Google is now including social media sites’ contents in their search results.

Here are some of the things you can do to take the best advantage of your Facebook Fan Page:

  1. Attract people to become part of your Fans

    As soon as you’ve created a Fan Page, your next effort is to get people to become part of your Fan base. The use of giveaways or freebies is one of the most effective ways of building your fan base on Facebook and other social media platforms. Any type of freebie (which should also be cost-effective) would do – something like $5 off coupon on purchases made within a specified period would be an excellent incentive.
  2. Establish a personal relationship with your fans
    The type of relationship that exists among people on the internet is usually impersonal in nature. Developing a personal relationship or connection with people is more result-oriented. The best tools for establishing interpersonal relationship with people include pictures and video. You can use pictures that feature samples of your company’s work as well as events. Video works in similar manner as pictures. Don’t forget to involve your staff in your fan-base building, by asking them to submit captivating content about your business.
  3. Keep rolling out valuable content
    This is a great way to give people reasons to come to your page often. Keep the content concise but rich – such that would be difficult to resist. Don’t wear a high sales tone, keep it tactful and at the same time enjoyable. If you have new line of products or service, this is a good place to point it out.
  4. Keep the line of interaction open always
    Of course, the whole essence of social media is interaction; so, if you keep the line of interactive communication with your fans closed, you may lose them faster than you can imagine. Be the one to initiate the communication, don’t wait for it to happen.
    Organize an interactive contest that would initiate interaction between your company and your fans – you must attach a price to this contest. Also, another way to initiate interaction with your fans is to come up with a poll that requests for users’ opinions regarding an interesting as well as important subject. Also, provide puzzles and games that are relevant to your business’s theme or offerings.

    It is also a great idea to peep at your competitors’ Fan Pages to know what they are doing, especially those that are making much waves on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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