Are you searching for different types of heels in 2020? Do you know how to style all of them? If your answer is no, then no need to worry at all! I am here to guide you every step.

Women love to wear all kinds of heels and sandal types. These are the wardrobe staple for every girl. Just wearing a perfect outfit is not enough for you until you wear a perfect heel. You might have seen various celebrities wearing different kinds of heels on every occasion because they know the importance of wearing the right heel or the right footwear.

Heels have their own fashionable meanings and significant culture. Moreover, there are various kinds of heels that come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colours, and you can choose your desired ones because they are found all over the world.

Top 5 Amazing Heels Of 2020 - Just check it

However, not everyone is comfortable wearing high heels because for some girls it can be very painful. This is the reason why many girls neglect wearing high heels.

However, high heels make your personality look attractive and tall. High heels have a special place in our hearts. Therefore, now not making you wait for any further, here are the top amazing high heels of 2020,

1. High Heeled Boots:

High heeled boots look much sexier and attractive out of all. These heels are best in winter and it is very comfortable while wearing wit jeans and shorts.

Boots uplifts your personality and it is best for party wear occasions and outings. High heeled boots will make you look sexier and smarter. However, you will get this boot in various designs and materials.

2. Comma Heels:

Comma heels are another popular type of heels that will hold your attention for a while because this sandal refers to a punctuation mark. They will make your shoes look attractive and beautiful.

For many of you, it is very strange to know that this heeled sandal even exists. It is because it is not like normal heels which you wear regularly.

This heel is known as a comma heel because the shape of the heel is just like a comma. This comma heel is a popular choice for celebrities and now it should be yours too. Moreover, this sandal can be your prime choice for the Christmas or New Year party.

3. Chunky Heels:

Chunky heels are basically wider any type of heel that has a wider base and the heel is square in shape. However, this type of heels provides more stability than any other type of heels.

But before purchasing chunky heels, you need to know its features in detail i.e., chunky heels will force your step more than other heels. On the other hand, it is very difficult to walk with these heels because it is very heavier in weight. But chunky heels also make you look attractive and gorgeous with short dresses.

The most benefit of wearing these heels is that it will give you a constant walk without any fall like other pencil heels. Also, while wearing these heels, it is not much painful.

4. Pumps:

Stilettos are very similar to pumps, but the heels of pumps are smaller as compared to stilettos. These heels are also known as simply high heels.

Their height is generally of 2 to 3 inches and wider in size. Moreover, it has a low cut around the front. These heels can be worn with any kind of outfit but they are mostly preferred to walk with jeans, trousers, skirts, suits, etc.

This sandal looks great with western outfits. On the other hand, these heels are made from traditional patent leather and it is very popular.

5. Kitten Heels:

Kitten heels are one of the most comfortable types of heels in 2020. This heel is stylish as well as matched with every outfit.

These kitten heels are short stiletto heel and it usually consists of 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches. Kitten heels are best for party wear, outings, valentine’s day, dinner date, and many more.

You can wear these kitten heels mainly with traditional outfits. The stylish design of this heel is attractive as well as trendy and fashionable. Those girls who feel uncomfortable to wear pencil heels then this heel is your prime choice.

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! Now you know the top five amazing heels that are trendy in 2020. But before purchasing any type of heels, make sure you are comfortable with it.

Just don’t go for any heels by viewing its appearance because your comfort zone matters a lot. There are several types of amazing heels available on both online as well as on the offline stores and you can choose your desired ones.

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