Madrid is the capital of Spain. Visitors who wish to enjoy a magical vacation should visit this city. Plan a vacation carefully as the city offers a wide array of activities and attractions and it seems that there is never enough time to indulge in all. Some attractions in the city are must watch without which the trip would be incomplete. Airline tickets are easily available these days. Growth in tourism, in this sector, has increased the number of cheap international flights plying this sector.

The city is known for its world famous bull fights, Tapas, enjoying flamenco and many more. The attractions in the city are endless but still there are some places that are significant of all. Top five things that are must see when visiting this city is following-

Royal Palace- Visitors coming through cheap flights to Madrid should never miss visiting the Royal Palace that is the biggest building in the city. The building is architectural splendor. Set aside enough time to explore the building properly. If possible, hire a guide to understand the history and architecture of the building. The building speaks volume about the history and culture of the city.

Puerta del Sol- This is one of the most popular squares in the city, and it is a must visit venue for the visitors coming here using cheap tickets to Madrid. Not only has the venue offered a glimpse into the architectural splendor of the city but also been a source of information about the life of the people living here. Simply the hustle and bustle of the city gives an idea of the culture of the place.

Madrid Capital- This cathedral is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the region. This is the only cathedral in Spain that has been consecrated by the Pope. It has been built recently and has been rated as one of the stunning cathedrals in the city.

Debod Temple- Debod Temple is an Egyptian temple hailing from 2nd century. The location of the temple is unique as it is located amidst the busiest center of the city. Earlier it was situated close to River Nile and to avoid being consumed by the same, the temple was removed brick by brick to its present location. Visitors can never expect the temple to be located in its present location. This feature fascinates visitors coming here.

Puerta de Alcala – Located at the entrance to the city’s independent plaza a giant stone gate has been built. The design of this stone is very much similar to the Berlin’s Brandenburg gate that is another global landmark. Since 1770s, this stone has been a sight to behold. Visitors love to see this gigantic stone gate, another architectural jewel of the city.

Availability of several flights to Madrid like British Airways, Turkish Airlines has made it possible for a large number of visitors to visit this beautiful city.

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