Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and has a lot of importance education wise. People from all around the world come here because of the universities here and to get higher education. It is also sometimes regarded as the founder of the country music, and it is supported well by the music halls here and the concerts being arranged. This place also has one of the best jumpings off place so you can experience the other Tennessee very easily too. This city was found in 1779, and it is a great place for all the people who like traveling and exploring everything while walking instead of riding their vehicles.

Nashville hotels are also very famous for providing services if you are a tourist here. Some of the most common attractions of Nashville are:

The Hermitage

This is the former home of the seventh president of the United States. It is one of the greatest and historical places in the history of America, and it is present in Nashville.

It was originally built in 1819, but after 25 years, it had to be rebuilt from the start due to a devastating fire that ruined the quality of it badly.

He lived here from 1837 to 1845, and this mansion has now taken the shape of a museum now. This museum lights the personal and the professional life of him.

If you ever find a time and are thinking of spending the whole evening at a peaceful place, which is full of information and entertainment, then you must come here to spend some time with the guided tour and have some fun with other activities such as a wagon ride or themed parks adventures in this one old mansion. The ground floor of it is also very famous and beautiful and uses different flowerbeds. It also has the burial site of the Johnson and his wife, which is sad, yet a very historic place to visit whenever you want.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

As this city is also regarded as the founder of the country music, this country music hall of fame is very important. This stunning building is present in the heart of Nashville, and it features a display of different performances, instruments and other places.

Due to the importance of the city in the whole country music, this museum is very important for the country too as it describes it the best.

Radnor Lake State Park

People often get tired of the busy lives they have in the cities and want an escape from it in the woods and close to nature. If you are looking for such an escape too and want to take a long walk in nature, then the Radnor Lake State Park is the right destination for you to visit and spend some quality time there.

This park is very important to the city, and it covers around 1,402 acres of the city’s outskirts, and it also has six miles long hiking tracks, which can relate you to nature again very nicely and easily.

If you are a biker or have dogs, then there are separate tracks available for these both so they can spend the quality time in nature just, as they like.

Downtown Presbyterian Church 

There are over 600 churches present in Nashville, but this church is very important to the city. This represents the Egyptian architecture, and this is not only seen in the texture, but the wall paintings and wood works also relate to the Egyptian lifestyle very much. During the civil war, this was also regarded as a hospital and beds were brought in it to give services to the people.

People are encouraged to take tours around this church and enjoy themselves, and self-guided tours are available too. Anyone can come in to attend the events and services.

Nashville Zoo and the Adventure Science Center

As there are not many places where you can enjoy your time with the kids, this place is the right fit for the people who want to do so. This is all based plainly on the jungles of Africa, and there are over 2700 animals present in this zoo.

365 different animals can be viewed in this zoo, and people come here to look at different animals and birds. It does not only display the animals, but it also displays their heritage and origins. They show where they originally came from.

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