Have you noticed that anytime you are idle, you reach into your pocket for your smartphone? Social media will most likely take up more than 70% of your attention during such time. Other people however prefer to take pictures, chat with friends and catch up with the latest news from around the world. Does your smartphone influence what you eat, how you dress and the places you visit? You are not alone! If you consider that this phenomenon is replicated in the lives of millions of people, then here is a huge possibility to market your brand. Instagram provides a platform for advertisements because marketers are able to buy space on the feed of target users.

Instagram is popular with big corporations that can afford to pay influencers to push their brands. Small businesses and startups can also benefit from Instagram. Here are the top benefits regardless of the size of your business;

1. An Instagram page connects a business to potential customers

There are millions of internet users who visit Instagram on a daily basis. Unlike a website that can be opened, closed and never thought about again, an Instagram page requires a single click and the notification start coming. If you post colorful and catchy pictures, there is no way customers will ignore you. Those who willingly follow your brand will get constant reminders about the offers, promotions and general news about a company.

2. Instagram content can be used across platforms

Multiple social media accounts for business means that you require more resources for efficient marketing. For instance, you cannot duplicate Facebook content to Twitter. On Instagram, the same high quality pictures you used, catchy captions and posts can be used on other social media platforms just by shifting focus.

3. The audience is engaged

Compared to all other social media platforms, Instagram ranks top in terms of customer engagement. Visit the website for more info. To test this analysis, try posting the same content on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. There will obviously be a difference when it comes to nature of feedback but the outstanding aspect will be how engaged the Instagram audience is.

4. Mutual commitment of buyer and seller

Look out for individuals who post pictures of your brand and share their experience with it. Positive posts mean that you have won a repeat client. You can still calm an irate customer by commenting empathetically on their posts. Only the customer will determine how successful your business will be so they should be content at all times.

5. Platform for idea testing

Pictures of products before you make them, your new brand ambassador or statistics that show how popular you are with customers is data that you need to share with your audience. Apart from getting critical analysis of what you already have, they will also spread the word to others not in your network.

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Matt Wilson is a Motivational Speaker, Technology Enthusiast, Health Freak and a Proud Father