A quality sign can help any brick-and-mortar store attract foot traffic. To get the most out of your investment on signage, work with an experienced custom signs San Diego provider who will use the best signage practices to deliver the best results. The following are types of sign that a signage expert might suggest to you.

Informational Signage

Also popularly known as way-finding, organizational, directional or departmental, information signage is an important way of helping customers to find their way around. Customers are known to go back to stores where they feel they can find their way around conveniently.

A San Diego sign for informational purposes should be made easy to read and understand so that the clients can understand the message with just a glance. The fonts used for this type of sign should be large and bold. The color scheme should also be highly visible for both foot and vehicle traffic. Customers will usually take a good informational signage to mean that the internal structure is also well organized, and this is also an attraction for any new and returning client.

Outdoor Sign

The greatest hurdle that physical retailers face is getting customers inside the shop. Outdoor signage can work as an initiator to a profitable relationship with potential customers. The impression that the exterior sign leaves on the passers-by will compel them to get inside the store and from there it’s easy to close a sale.

An effective exterior sign should be compelling for passersby and not just announce that you are in business. The sign should be placed in a strategic location where it is easy for both walk-by and drive-by traffic to interact with it. A good outdoor San Diego sign should act as a preview of what the customers should expect when they get inside the store.

Persuasive Signage

A persuasive sign uses attractive imagery and convincing language to influence consumer behavior. These signs are often used for advertising a promotion or product. Persuasive displays or signs can improve interactivity with products that are not easily noticeable and also influence customer flow. Custom signs San Diego used for showcasing products give retailers a chance to communicate specific featured items as well as new or seasonal items.

Many brands have used persuasive signage to communicate more effectively with their customers. The message in persuasive signs can unveil the potential of ordinary products and make them popular.

Mat Signs

The mats in your brick-and-mortar store don’t have to only serve the purpose of cleanliness, safety, and aesthetics. Signage on them can transform them into informational or promotional tools. You can use mats for showcasing your logo, for branding, for directing customers to a product, among other things.

Work with professional designers at a San Diego sign company to freshly analyze these signage types and establish the best way to apply them in your business.

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