Are you planning a vacation with your kids? If yes, then Greece is surely one of the most entertaining countries of the world for your children. The pleasing weather, safe environment and shark-free beaches of the country make it a well-organized tourist destination for families. The summer time marks an ideal season for a family trip to Greece. The true warmth and inclusion with which the Greeks welcome you is incredible.
Being a legendary birthplace of various super heroes like Hercules, the 300, Alexander the great and Xena, Greece offers an engaging and adventurous atmosphere for your kids. While you are in the midst of planning your itinerary with the travel agent, you should not forget to include the following entertaining places –

Athens – An entertaining city

Athens, the capital city of Greece, offers plethora of child-geared sights for your kids to explore. You can keep your children busy all through the trip by retracing the ancient history from Acropolis to Agora. Your children will definitely relive the Greek myths of their bedtime stories. Moreover, some of the fun-filled places that you should not miss out in Athens include –

  • The shady National Garden of Athens offering a duck pond, playground and mini zoo for perfect picnic experience.
  • The Zappeio Garden in its neighbourhood offers the view of swimming turtles stocked in the fountain.
  • The Hellenic Cosmos is a perfect escape from the heat providing a virtual tour of the Ancient Greece.
  • The imposing Planetarium is yet another fun-learning experience for your kids allowing them to explore the entire universe.
  • The Greek Museum of Children’s Art stands out as a relaxing place for your kids to loosen their creativity.

Cyclades – an iconic destination

The speedy catamarans, glorious beaches and sugar-cubed island villages make it a favourite destination for most of the families. In fact, if you are planning an island family trip to Greece, you cannot miss this iconic place. You can enjoy different outdoor activities with your family this island group. Its famous attractions include –

  • Volcanic beaches of Milos
  • Sandy beaches of Paros
  • Striking temples and beach like of Naxos.

The mainland of Northern Greece

Offering slightly lowered temperature in the summers, the Northern Greece has much more for your children to discover. A memorable trip to patisseries influenced by Ottoman and the beaches of Halkidiki can bring a cheerful smile on your kid’s face. What else you can explore in this region?

  • The picturesque lake of Ioannina
  • The mountainous villages of Zagorohoria

Crete – Island of sandy beaches

Known for its sandy and long beaches, Crete turns out an ideal family holiday destination offering almost everything. You can enjoy –

  • Hikes on short
  • Boat trips
  • Exploring the caves.

The Peloponnese – A child-friendly site

The Peloponnese is a splendid playground for your kids. Starting from the Epidavros theatre to the Ancient Olympia, you can spend your entire vacation ruining this place and criss-crossing its villages. The presence of Nafplio, a wonderful Venetian city becomes the famous attraction of this place.

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