Having so many diet options available makes it difficult to know which ones to trust. Every single diet plan comes with great promises of results, reviews and testimonials. As well as some are fads and fakes, others are researched carefully by specialists and doctors.

No matter what diet you pick to follow, make sure you do the following: Always read as much as you can about each one. Some diets require a lot of discipline and you must make sure you can deal with it before you start. In some occasions diets require you eat specific foods, again, you need to know this beforehand. Study each one carefully, look online for stories, testimonials and support groups, these will surely help you pick the one that works for you.

Here's a list of 5 top fat burning diets available.

1. Fatburning Furnace: The Fatburning Furnace challenges all the myths about fat loss, myths about carbs, late night eating and toning exercises. Their book contains many permanent fat loss secrets and will teach you techniques to trick your body to burn more fat by eating more fat burning food whilst satisfying your cravings. Some user testimonials have claimed to have lost over 40 lbw and 10 inches off their belly. The cost of the book is Aprox $40 and according to reviews it works fast, it's easy to follow and gives you lasting results.

2. Atkins Diet: Unless you've been living on some other planet, chances are you've heard of the Atkins Diet. This diet is a high protein low carbohydrate diet devised by Dr. Robert Atkins. The theory is simple, when you cut out carbs your body is forced into burning it's fat stores to provide it with energy. As you burn more calories when your body burns fat, you'll lose weight more quickly. This diet is divided into four phases: Induction, Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre-maintenance and Lifetime Maintenance. According to Dr. Atkins, you can expect to lose 6-10 lbw in the first two weeks followed by 1-3 lbs a week. The Atkins diet can be purchased easily and there are many editions, the newer "The New Atkins for a New You" sells for about $10 online.

3. The Zone: The Zone Diet is advertised as a clinically proven lifestyle program for weight loss, fighting the effects of aging, reducing the risk of chronic illness and improving mental and physical agility. It claims to help retool your metabolism with a diet that's 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbs in controlled portions. Developed by Dr. Sears, The Zone Diet is very easy to follow, has a broad range of whole, healthy foods and there are no points or schedules or other requirements to complicate the program. There are many great success stories of people who have lost weight with The Zone, prices range from $70 to $180 for the pogrom and it has great online community support. You can also purchase the books which are all under $20 each.

4.The Diet Solution: The Diet Solution program is the creation of certified nutritionist Isabel De Los Ríos. It's philosophy is based on the metabolic typing principle. Once you answer a series of questions you'll be able to determine which type you are and which is your dietary approach. The types are split up into carbohydrate, protein or mixed and once you've completed the body type analysis and questionnaire you're then able to pick your diet. Each body type is given a comprehensive meal plan to follow and you receive over 20 individual full days of meals and snacks for every body type with dozens of recipes. The basic Diet Solution program is about $40 and there is also some upgrade packages you can choose from.

5. South Beach Diet: The South Beach Diet created a huge craze in the United States. So far, more than five million copies of the book have been sold. The South Beach Diet follows the same principles of other diets based on the Glycaemic Index. This diet was created by Cardiologist Dr. Agatston for his heart patients and recommends avoiding foods rich in saturates and replacing them with heart-healthy monounsaturated like olive oil and nuts. Like many diets, it is divided into three phases where there are no limits on portion sizes, you simply eat enough to satisfy your appetite and you're encouraged to eat three meals and snacks a day. The South Beach Diet claims that you can lose 8-13 lbs in the first two weeks and then around 1-2 lbs a week after that. There are many books available on the South Beach Diet, all available to purchase online around the price of $20.

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