There is no point in having a website which is not visible on the search engines. In order to make your website highly visible on the search engines, it is important to follow quality SEO activities. In the process of search engine optimization, there are two types of practices. On one hand there are on page activities, where the content is optimized by aptly placing the keywords. In addition to this, internal links and Meta tags are the part of on page SEO. On the other hand, the off page SEO practices are those optimization activities that are performed outside the website design.

Off page SEO is very important and should be performed in the best possible way. Earning backlinks and keeping your social media audiences involved in your business will add to your credibility. Always contribute quality content on the web.

Top five off page activities that optimize your site and earn you considerable traffic from the targeted market are mentioned bellow. After the Panda and Penguin release, it is important to wisely choose and execute your off page SEO activities.

Blog writing and submission

Considering the present scenario, a blog is one of the trenchant ways to get hold on the search engines. Your site gets more often attention of the search engine through the means of blogs. Further, submitting your blog on the popular and relevant bookmarking websites or directories helps you in earning backlinks. There is a wide pool of such directories and sites, a few of them are stated as follows:
• Propeller
• Yahoo Buzz
• Digg
• Mixx
• Stumbleupon
• Reddit
• Technorati
• Delicious
• Kaboodle

As mentioned above, these are just a few sites to name, there are a lot more in the huge cyber space. All you need to do is search for a site that matches your business profile or needs, and thereafter submits your blogs under the relevant headings.

Involvement in forums and discussions

Everyone would be interested in getting a high return on investment (ROI) and for the same; all you need to do is just contributing a bit of quality time on forums. Leave a post or question related to your business and let other people come and put forward their views. You will be amazed by the public response. However, this is not a one player game; if you wish to get high result you need to put your best in it. Never post just for the sake of posting. Whatever you post is added to your account of credibility and keep this in mind that the one who is reading your post is intelligent enough to understand the authenticity of your post. Inappropriate posts will give you the spammer’s tag.

Maintaining active social media profiles

Social media has turned out as an important part of online business. There are various popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; you need to understand the various channels and create your business profile accordingly. People will connect to you through your social media presence; henceforth make sure that you provide genuine and complete information for your targeted audiences. Further, keep updating your profiles with your activities, photos and quality content. Share your recent blog posts on various pages or discussion boards. Create polls, contents or other activities for keeping your audiences intact with your business. Remember, it takes months or at times years to create the targeted audience circle, but it takes just a single wrong move to break the same.

Rewriting and redistribution of articles

Once you have written an article, you can re-write it with a new angle and slight variations. For the same, many a times SEO people hire professional writers. Once the write up is revised, it appears as fresh content to the search engines. For search engines, content is the king; therefore, whenever a new content is published (even the properly revised one), the search engine crawlers do take a turn towards them. Further, you can distribute the revised piece of writing on various bookmarking sites and directories.

Understanding the importance of local business

With popular search engines promoting local business, gradually local business SEO is taking a toll. This makes it clear that your site too needs to be registered on the local business directories. This off page SEO activity will help you in approaching to the local markets. Moreover, again you need to ensure that you provide complete and genuine information (let it be your address, website’s URL or phone number) on the directory.

The competition in the SEO world is getting higher and higher day by day. You need to play it as safe as possible; a smallest wrong move can ruin the entire game. Especially, with search engines getting more advanced and strict, it is very essential to evaluate each practice properly. The stated activities can actually lend a helping hand in driving traffic; it’s just that you need imply each with the utmost care and attention.

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