The best time to secure a business real estate on the number one Social platform is now. The rate at which Fan Pages for business are getting relevant for virtually all industry types is amazing. But, some people are not careful to carry out proper maintenance of their Fan Pages, thereby forfeiting valuable traffic as well as engagement with prospective customers. The two top techniques for growing your network and increasing your reputation on Fan Page, are the use of Applications and steady efforts with Updates.

As soon as a company or business creates its Fan Page, it would automatically start enjoying standard applications such as Video, Photos, Events, Notes as well as Discussion. But, these applications are simply basics – you need more than the basic applications to achieve a unique Facebook Page and social media marketing tactics as well.

Here are more enhanced Facebook applications that would help make your Fan Page exceptional:

  1. Polls
    One of the top social media poll applications you can take advantage of to make your Fan page unique is the Polldaddy. This poll app is quite popular and well recognized. It is helpful for social media marketing and also serves as a strategy for engaging potential customers. Come up with a poll for your page; simply put up a question and provide answers (about four answers) for the question and post them. This is a great way to jumpstart a fresh campaign and also generate ideas for brand promotion or future sales.
  2. Review App
    If you are providing a specific service or offering a particular product, the review app would be quite useful to you. In the past year, customer reviews was among the top marketing strategies that enhanced the experience of online shoppers, and boosted the customer service provided by the online business owners. A lot of online shoppers now depend largely on the reviews given to products and services to make their decision to purchase or look elsewhere. Now, it is possible for your fans to provide reviews on your business Fan Page, so take advantage of it.
  3. RSS Feed
    You can find a couple of valuable RSS apps that you can take advantage of when you have news site, a blog as well as other feeds you desire to have updated on the Fan Page for your business. Social RSS is one all-in-one app that can be configured to automatically accomplish updates from different types of RSS feed intended to create a post on a business page. No doubts, a good number of fans in your network are more comfortable with genuine post from a business; but, you can as well employ this technique to achieve consistent update of your Fan Page.
  4. Networked Blogs App
    If you keep a blog for your business, you can make the Networked Blogs app part of your business page as well as your profiles; this way, your fans and network will get the updates immediately they are posted. You would need to get a kind of coding installed on your business blog for this purpose, your blog developer can do the installation for you. It is also good to keep yourself informed of blogs in your niche or monitor trends in your industry – a great Facebook app for this purpose is the Facebook business app.

There are several other Facebook apps that can help your business soar through Facebook marketing and also increase your traffic tremendously.

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