Customer frustration exists in every business. It may be due to an unresolved query or due to the hassle caused by the company during the return or exchange of a product. There are a lot of reasons that cause customer frustration. Here’s a list of the top five reasons responsible for the same:

Inefficient customer support representatives:
Nothing can be more frustrating for a customer than having to contact the customer support center for the same query over and over again. This happens when the company has inefficient service representatives. The reasons for their inefficacy can be anything varying from information not being effectively used by representatives, insufficient training, lack of access to the necessary resources. Whatever the reason be, ineffective customer service only leads to increased levels of dissatisfaction and eventually customer frustration.

Separation Anxiety
Customer service is not a parameter when it comes to choosing a product out of several available choices. This is where word of mouth marketing comes into play. It is necessary to differentiate a product from others if it is an exceptional one out of all the available choices. A failure to do so will obviously confuse the customer and become a reason for their frustration. In order to overcome this problem, companies can pump up their efforts in marketing, customer service, and product quality.

Failing to keep up with consumer expectations:
When you fail to deliver what you promised, you lose customers. It is by far the biggest reason for declining customer loyalty. As a matter of fact, customers don’t really care about a company’s improved service. They rather use other ‘best-in-class’ companies as a benchmark. In other words, the companies that go above and beyond to meet customers’ expectations are likely to face lesser customer frustration levels and have more loyal customers.

Not valuing customers’ time:
Time is precious. As it is for you, it is for your customers as well. When the support agents fail to resolve their queries, they get frustrated. And this frustration is deepened further when it takes too long to resolve their issue. You can eliminate all of this by training your team so well that they are able to provide support to your customers.

Lack of transparency:
This is yet another factor responsible for customer frustration. Lack of transparency occurs where a company fails to stand by its product or causes trouble to the customer at the time of refund or exchange.

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