Fantasy Kabaddi has captured a great deal of interest in India and other countries in the past couple of decades. Pro kabaddi league has aroused that interest in the minds of people.. Individuals have recovered their curiosity in kabaddi. With rising popularity kabaddi is becoming global today.
Fantasy kabaddi also functions exactly like other fantasy sports such as fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy hockey etc and many other fantasy games.In Fantasy Kabaddi You picked your players and the way they play in actual games. It's always suggested to play simple first. And when you have an idea about the sport and produce any skill you'll be able to move up the bet and perform to earn some actual money.
You may take a look at our hints and forecasts for any help which you would need. Watch our kabaddi segment for all of the exciting things that's occurring in the kabaddi world. This game is not mere prediction but it requires knowledge, skills and forecasting and understanding the current position of players. So this game is not just based on luck its based on skills.
To play fantasy sports games the right platform is very important which provides you the perfect experience of playing fantasy sports various fantasy sports games can be found through various platforms. Most popular fantasy sports include cricket, soccer, hockey, kabaddi and basketball.
For people who are new to the fantasy game world choosing the right platform can be a problem at times. In today's world there are a lot of scam websites app which are doing fraud in the name of fantasy sports thus by investing in such website you can be cheated so it is very important to select a genuine site which offers you the perfect experience and special features and provides you the same amount of thrill and excitement of playing an actual match.
Below are a Top 5 fantasy sports sites in India. Some genuine sites where you can play your favorite sports without been cheated and based on your skills you can earn cash. An individual may play seasonal or everyday fantasy sports on such sites or forecast the outcomes of different leagues and games.
Proxy Khel
Steps to Play Fantasy Kabaddi are as Follows:
Select a Match:

First step is you can select matches from any of the present or up and coming Kabaddi contests.

Select a Contest:

If you are new to such games you can select free contest free contest will help you to understand the game that too free of cost also there are various other money challenge contest available join such contest and win double.

Create Your Team:
Make your own fantasy kabaddi team select players based on there performance use your skills and make your team and win cash.
Proxy khel Fantasy Kabaddi team inside a spending limit of 100 credits.
The teams can be chosen in following combinations-

SUPER 2 - 2

The name given to the player who enters the court to attempt to contact the rival players and label them out is known as a Raider.

Defender implies any player who is in his half court when the Raider from the rivals' side is striking.
An all-rounder is somebody who is great in both Raiding and Defending.

Star Player-
The Star Player would be the one gathering the most extreme focuses in the game.

X-player would be the person who performs well in all parts of the match.

Super 2-
This will be a mix of 2 best players who can be any of Raider or Defender.
Star Player-
Star Player will be the one scoring maximum points from the Proxy Khel general point system. If your selected star players receive the maximum points from General point system than you get additional 30 points. A Star Player can be anyone from Raider or Defender.
A X Player can be anyone from Raider or Defender. An X-player from the Raider’s side would be the one who has >=5 raid points and 80% strike rate. Whereas from the Defender’s side, X-player would be the one who has >=3 tackle and 60% strike tackle. An X-player can earn you 40 points.
Super 2-
Super 2 would be the 2 best players from either Raider’s or Defender’s team. If your selected Super 2 performs 9 raids and 5 tackle then you earn extra 30 points. Whereas if they perform 15 raids and 10 tackle then you earn an extra 45 points.
Thus what are you waiting for Play Fantasy Kabaddi Make your Team Now!

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