There is a sky-high rise in the use of smartphones these days, whether it is an iOS smartphone or Android. With the growth in the use of smartphones forever rising, we witness that more and more companies, whether they are small or big brands are keen on having a very interesting and engaging app for their app users so that they are able to get glued to the app leading to more sales and conversions at the same time.

Increased use of smartphones leading to demand of apps:
There is no doubt about the fact that more and more apps are being downloaded for better experience by the people and even buy products easily using e-commerce apps. To add to this, it has almost become imperative for any company to hire app development company so as to get the best app development services. A company with years of experience in creating apps for their clients is able to give any business the required impetus that it deserves. All the business owners should leverage the benefit of this increasing popularity of the smartphones by creating trendy apps which is possible only when they hire app developer with optimal expertise.

Features that are important for any app of a company:
If you have finally decided to get an app for your brand keeping in mind the benefits that all the companies are leveraging these days, you have made a very good decision. Let’s go ahead as we are going to tell you about the top most features of a successful app. If you miss on these features at any cost, the chances of your app to get successful are very less.

1. Imparting high User Engagement level:
What happens normally is that most of the business owners and entrepreneurs who invest into the app are stuck up at one thing- how to increase the user engagement level so that more users use the app for the maximum time possible. This would mean that the app would also generate more revenue which is the ultimate goal of any app.

Duplicate experiences that give same looks to the app as well are never liked by the people. So, whenever you want to enhance the user engagement level, make sure that there are some very unique ideas that are integrated into the app to make the app users stick to them. Following the latest trends in app development helps a lot!

Useful Tips:
Giving an app the much needed branding and identity is the first and best thing that would attract the users of the app to engage with the features of the app. Moreover, a highly engaging app often has the best entertainment value or offers that are not available anywhere else!

2. Give hassle-free navigation in the app:
Most of the smartphone users are looking for some really dynamic apps that let them use the app and have an access to all the features within fraction of time. If you are able to give what they want, then your app can be a big hit for sure! So, the very best thing that an app development team can do while designing an app is a proper UX/ UI that would help the users to navigate through the app in minimum possible time and with much ease.

Why to take note of the UI/ UX of the app?
Everyone needs to understand the most crucial reason why people make the big switch from the website to their app, is because of the fact that it minimises their clicks. Moreover, they are able to browse through the app very easily having a look at the categories of the products and choosing ones which they want as well as adding them to cart so easily.

3. Provide one-click checkout process:
This features specifies for the apps that sell the products and which are called ecommerce apps or online shopping apps. No doubt, there are many more aspects to an ecommerce app, but the feature that single-handedly decides the fate of the app is surely the check out process which should be so easy that the orders are not abandoned at the end of the process.

Useful Tips:
The checkout form should be really short and should be very clearly stated in terms of fields and what all info is required from the customer. If the customer gets confused at any time during the process, there can be problems. Let the customers save their payment method and card details very safely on the app for their future use as well so as they are able to checkout with 1-click as facilitates.

4. Include features customized for individual users:
There is too much competition in app development industry so it is recommended that you hire app developer who has much experience in creating apps with geo-location services as well as integrating such extensions and technology that would help people give the best services possible through an app. More the experiences are personal and to the liking of the app users, more are the chances of your app going viral!

There are many ways by which an app can be personalised instantly! Yes, the apps which are able to give the most customized experience based on the demographics, location, past purchases as well as the their recent browsing are really liked by the users.

This is because of the fact that no one wants to waste their time on finding the things or food or even grocery manually. Automatic recommendations and searched by the intelligent bots on the app are the new favorite in app development trends for sure.

5. Give a touch of modern look to the app:
A modern and cool app is the demand of the market. Unique features should be included in an app for sure but not top the extent that the user gets confused and deletes your app. Such features should be limited to a number and with the right kind of navigation features as well as UI of the app should be very well suited to the modern look of the app. If the app has an old design- you have lost the first chance of impressing the users of the app!

Never ever cram the designs and outlook of the app from other brands or companies as people are able to recognise these things in an instant. They never like to buy from the crammers or the people who don’t have their own ideas. Moreover, a decluttered app is the favorite of the most of the app users. A clean app with CTAs that are clearly presented with some very clean and high-resolution images become the center of attraction for the app. This entices the users and make them feel very good so they spend more time on the app as well increasing the engagement time and levels.

We have hinted on some very best features that every app development company should consider very carefully. If the above 5 considerations are kept in mind, then an app can be very successful that would bring profits to the business or the brand as well.

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Being an experienced software developer at Xicom Technologies, Judi Toledo is passionate about web & mobile technologies. Researching on new technology that could help to enhance software functionalities. She keeps eye on the latest happening in the software industry to remain updated with the current market trends.