While binge-watching Netflix and eating junk food all day, has it ever occurred to you that even you could have that sculpted body?

While it sounds like a long, time-consuming process, the effort to become toned has many positive effects.

If you want to start your expedition to feel better, here are some tips from the personal trainers of Sevenoaks.

Eat the right meals and servings

No matter how bad your belly tells you to eat that burger, try keeping away from it. The best thing to eat when you want to stay in shape is fruit and vegetables.

Stick to lean meats such as chicken and turkey. Seafood is another great substitute. Try to plan for a meal six times a day and set smaller portions instead of three big meals all day.

Get enough sleep

Six to eight hours of sleep is necessary for your body to function properly the entire day. No matter how busy your schedule is, don’t skip this.

Sleep deficiencies can affect the desire or ability of someone to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and they can contribute directly to weight gain.

Keep track of the intake of calories per day

Monitoring the number of calories, you eat each day is helpful for planning your exercise. Bodybuilders weigh a lot because they plan their meals which consists of more calories.

Nonetheless, weight loss and an attempt for a healthier physical condition require a greater physical activity than calories you consume.

Understand how carbohydrates are used

Unless you are on a keto diet, carbs are not your enemy. You have to learn how to handle these carbs, because it can cause the body to store excess energy in fats by consuming too many— or eating carbs at wrong times.

Learn how to combat tiredness

Tiredness is your biggest enemy, but there are several ways to fight it. Drink beet juice with good nitrates that can boost the cardiovascular function.

The performance can also be improved by choosing the music carefully while working out.

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