If you are trying to improve yourself or achieve a goal, you will want to know these top 5 habit tracking resources. Remember it takes more then 21 days to form a habit, it takes about 6 weeks or longer to do something without thinking about it, only if it is done every day at the same time.
HomeRoutines (App)

Price: $4.99
Review: HomeRoutines is extremely customizable. You can create routines, zones and they have a to-do list. Built in timer allows you to accomplish a task or habit within a certain time frame and the best part is you earn stars for each task or habit you accomplish.
Way of Life (App)

Price: Free
Review: The best part of this app is you can easily see the streaks (number of days in a row that you accomplish the habit) It has graphs so you can compare your habits (are you focusing on one habit more then others?) You can share these habits with your friends.
Strides (App)

Price: $3.99
Review: Strides has a dashboard so you can see all of your goals and habits to track. You can see when you miss days (don’t break the chain!) You can level up in this app and get points for accomplishing habits and steps toward your goals
Stickk (website)

Price: Free
Review: Simple registration process, you can set stakes (money is optional). You can invite your friends for support and has multiple different goals you can choose or create your own.
Pen and Paper

Price: $1.50
Review: Simple and easy way to keep track of your goals and habits. Simply check each day that you do the habit and review each week. See where you are focusing and balancing your energy.

Try one of these resources or all of them, they will help you track habits and accomplish your goals. Remember it takes about 6 week of tracking a habit at the same time every single day for you to be able to do the habit automatically without thinking about it.

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