The easiest way to spot a millennial is to look at what people have on their hands. Chances are millennials have their heads bent down while their hands are busy with their phones. Either they are checking updates on Facebook, stalking someone on Instagram or getting the feel of the world right that minute on Twitter. It is safe to say that millennials are attached to their phones.

Millennials are always online. So it is just logical that a lot of them would prefer jobs that would allow them to be online all the time. Social media and websites have also become important tools for businesses, so that opportunities for online or home-based jobs have increased. In 2003, 19 percent of the work force worked from home. In 2015, the figure increased to 24 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than half of the working Americans expect that they will already be working from home in the future. When it comes to the millennials, more than 85 percent prefer working online compared to getting a full-time job.

Top five home-based online jobs for millennials this year.

1. Writing
Online writing is among the most popular jobs out there—not just for millennials. Since people are mostly online anyway, companies took this as an opportunity to maximize web marketing. So there are a whole lot of opportunities for blogging, copy writing, PR writing, web writing and many others. According to Forbes, Google algorithms prefer articles that are well written. And when this is achieved, the websites article will have a great placement in the search engines. This is why companies are scrambling to hire the best writers for the job. Many prefer hiring freelancers to save on operational cost. A freelancer may be more expensive but at least you don’t have to pay him by the hour and you don’t need to provide benefits and other operational tools like a computer, a desk, etc. In the last couple of years, there has been a 350 percent surge in content writing.

There is also another kind of writing that has gained popularity over the years: e-book writing. With platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iTunes, getting a book out there has become so much easier. E-book writing has a big reward but payback isn’t always so quick. You spend a long time writing something and you might have to wait for around the same amount of time in order to earn. But it’s still an opportunity for millennials to earn money while just staying at home.

2. Graphic designing

Companies don’t need to hire graphic designers full time. Graphics are only needed on certain projects and programs. So a company will be able to save if they just hire designers on a per-project basis. So this has become another opportunity for millennials to just stay at home while earning a living. It will also help if you have a background in web development and social media marketing.

There has been a surge in the demand for mobile apps in recent years. Products and services are now available with just a click of an icon on the phone. Graphic designers and web developers are essential to the success of every app.

3. Tutorials

Whether some countries like it or not, English has become a universal language. It has been the language of choice for people visiting foreign countries. And non-English speaking countries are also taking notice and are looking for English tutors. Going online is the easiest way. It’s convenient for both parties. The tutor will only need his laptop and some props while the tutee will only need a laptop. This way, the tutee or student can learn English in the comforts of his home. He doesn’t need to travel anywhere else.

Here are the countries where English tutors are in demand: China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Czech Republic. Millennials will also enjoy this setup because they will get to meet different people and learn their culture.

If you are bilingual or multilingual, you may be able to earn money by translating documents. A document translator is starting to make waves in the online industry. After all, the process is so easy. The translator will receive a document he needs to translate and after doing so, he returns it to his client. It’s just an easy online transaction.

4. Virtual assistants

In the last five years, there has been a great demand for virtual assistants. Most of those who employ virtual assistants are busy business owners, mostly those who are just starting out. Companies have secretaries but businessmen who just started can’t afford to spend too much on personnel when there are a number of operational costs to think about. This is where millennials come in.

Millennials are always online, as earlier mentioned. Virtual assistants are usually required to be online for a long period of time. Virtual assistants are usually asked to make marketing emails, communicate with clients or suppliers, schedule appointments, among others. Most virtual assistants only need the laptop and a phone. These are things millennials are sure to have.

5. Transcriptionist

This is actually an easy job but it needs precision. Among the many professions that need transcriptionists is medicine. Doctors and other healthcare professionals have a lot of reporting to do. But since they have a more pressing job to actually do, they don’t have the time to type things up. And people in the medical field know that saving lives is so much more important. This is why to accommodate the doctors and other healthcare experts, there is such a thing as medical transcriptionist to type down the report. Remember there was a mention of precision? Well, a lot of medical terms will be thrown around. It is essential that the right medical term will be reflected on paper. This is a matter of life and death.

These are just the top five home-based jobs out there. There are still many more to choose from. One thing is for certain, millennials will find that online jobs are something they can deal with in the long haul—even forever.

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James Harnsberger is an Enrolled Agent admitted to practice before the IRS, an NTPI Fellow, a credentialed paralegal in tax law and a champion of IRS reforms.

He's also the founder and CEO of the WEALTH & TAX GURU Coaching Program, a wealth transformation personal coaching program he developed to help empower every American in their financial life.

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