Why do men need testosterone, why is it dangerous and how can you raise its level?


"Testosterone" - as we communicate with each other, we call a whole group of hormones responsible for the formation and functionality of the male body - androgens. They give us a belly, a bald spot, and besides ...

In addition, rats, which are given the opportunity to receive testosterone injections at their request, are addicted to this "good" like a drug. Which, however, is not surprising: testosterone also affects our emotional state. He is responsible for well-being, optimism, vitality and self-confidence. The latter, I think, is the key point.

At one time, I discovered a state that I called "post-workout euphoria." I think many are aware that heavy weight training raises testosterone levels. Testosterone triggers anabolic processes (building processes) in the body. And it often happens that the day after a good strength session, you feel like a little high. The body breaks down, it is lazy, and in the soul there is serenity and a desire to enjoy every moment of being. You feel like a well-fed lion.

It is for the sake of the mental effect that testosterone gives us that many men continue to go to the gym from year to year. Strength training isn't the only way to raise your testosterone levels, though. Let's take a look at the TOP 5 methods, ranking them in a ladder, depending on their effectiveness from least significant to most significant.


1. NUTRIRION. Testosterone is a substance synthesized from other substances. And, to be more precise, from cholesterol. I was surprised to find that popular sites recommend eating vegetables and fruits to raise testosterone levels. I love vegetables and fruits very much, but I love the truth more. And the truth is that testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol. Point. Therefore, animal fats must be present in your diet if you need to maintain high testosterone levels. And to keep cholesterol for future use - get physical activity. Regularly and correctly. And everything will be fine.

2. SEX. Everyone knows that sex raises testosterone levels. But the harmful Chinese found out (they did not torture their experimental subjects, they forced them to have sex) that sexual intercourse raises testosterone only once, and the next such surge can be observed only after 6 days. Therefore, there is no point in looking for testosterone to wash your navels under the covers. Here the principle is: "Better rarely, but aptly."

3. SLEEP. Bad news for midnight lovers: Testosterone is synthesized at night. Namely, in the phase of deep sleep. So ignoring the need for healthy sleep is a great way to drop your testosterone below the baseboard.

4. STRENGTH TRAINING. I consider it the most effective and affordable way for a man to maintain his testosterone at the proper level. The maximum release of this hormone occurs during the most difficult exercises with the inclusion of the maximum number of muscles - these are basic strength movements, the most difficult of which are, by far, squats. It is important to understand here that when I talk about strength training, I mean strength training, in which you approach muscle failure and your exercises are associated with powerful mental stress.

5. SELF-REALIZATION. I think this will be news to many. BUT! Self-realization will take the highest place in our top and here's why. The powerful release of testosterone is not only the reason for our confident behavior, but also its consequence. If you have your own Business, in which you feel like the Master, then it systematically stimulates in you the feeling of a winner, the feeling of a strong hunter who achieves his goals. And every time you feel like a Hunter, free and strong, you stimulate your body to produce testosterone. After all, testosterone is needed first of all in order to confidently grip the wheel of your destiny in your hands. Need Testosterone? Try on a captain's costume.


Many people thought that testosterone could make us more aggressive. This is not true. British neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky, in his book "The Biology of Good and Evil", convincingly argues that testosterone does not affect the level of aggressiveness. It only increases aggressiveness in situations where you already show it. For example, in a conflict. In general, an increase in testosterone levels encourages men to take more care of their status in society, and this is not always associated with aggression. This may, on the contrary, be associated with generosity and generosity (by the way, the traits of strong, self-confident people).

And yet, if we artificially (for example, with the help of injections) strive to increase our testosterone excessively, so much that we go beyond the natural norm, then the result in the mental aspect will be exactly the opposite: a drop in self-confidence and an increase in anxiety. And the growth of anxiety can be accompanied by bouts of aggression or near-depressive states. Therefore, think ten times before "chewing".

However, there is one more interesting piece of news. In studies on the effect of testosterone levels on the specifics of our behavior, it was found that people who were artificially raised testosterone (but within the normal range) began to behave arrogantly, reckoned less with the opinions of others and were ready, at times, for careless actions. The mechanism of this influence was soon elucidated.


It turns out that surges in testosterone levels slow down the work of the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for self-control. Hence the "behavior of the male", sometimes running counter to the long-term interests of this same male.

I think many people know such self-confident people who are used to always making decisions exclusively on their own. They do this because this behavior stimulates testosterone production, making them feel like an alpha male. And the more often they practice it, the more addicted they become.

Therefore, if you are already interested in the problem of maintaining high levels of testosterone, then, in addition to strength training and cultivating the psychology of a winner, also develop awareness through stimulation of the prefrontal cortex. In the "Hunter" method, I propose to combine strength training with the principles of meditation. I am sure this is a good choice. And there is no limit to my confidence! ... Banzai!

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