Instagram is a social media giant with millions of users. Due to the presence of millions of followers, Instagram management rectifies and revamps the platform according to evolving trends. In this article, I have thrown some light on the new trends of Instagram that will be hugely popular in 2019. Let’s have a look at them:

Instagram Shopping

In recent years, Instagram has become one of the most important platforms for online shopping. Visitors don’t need to go to the original shopping websites, and they can buy all the things directly from Instagram shopping feature. Instagram marketing-friendly visuals attract all sorts of brands to publicize their content on it.

Vertical Videos

All video features of Instagram, be it IGTV videos, Instagram Stories, or live feeds; offer the feature of vertical videos. With the emergence of smart mobiles, the necessity of this feature cannot be understated. Brands are using this feature to guide their customers, to show their products, or to publish some tutorials.

Rising Influence of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have proven an integral part of Instagram Marketing. People use Instagram stories to promote their brands, to run a poll, or to announce the new product launch. The temporary nature of the stories is immensely beneficial to save time. You can visit HashtagsForLikes to know more about Instagram stories.

Popularity of Stickers

Usage of Instagram Stickers is a modern trend where people express their opinions by using a variety of stylish stickers. Users have now become fed up of classical animations, and they prefer elegant and stylish stickers to adorn their posts. This trend has become very popular in 2019.

Crackdown on Instagram Bots

In 2019, Instagram will implement harsher measures to restrict and curb the attack of bots. The Instagram Algorithms do not tolerate this practice, and you will be likely to see more concrete steps to discourage the practices of spamming and hacking.


The evolution of Instagram will continue, and new trends will shape the future of digital marketing. Enhance your Instagram business by utilizing these trends.

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