The extensive use of internet leaves your computer vulnerable to a lot of threats that may put your software security and data in danger of crashing or theft. With the viruses, hackers, worms and many different unruly elements that are freely doing rounds on the internet. These threats could be intentional, unintentional, persistent or plain curious, however, each of them are equally dangerous. Therefore, the knowledge of these threats is necessary to prevent them from doing much damage to PC. The threats to your computer that you should be wary about are listed below.


There is much awareness about the presence of malware on the internet. Malware comprises of viruses, worms, rootkits and Trojans. All these are normally transferred to PC through downloads or email attachments. Most viruses can self-replicate and attach themselves to files. Malware can also infect any removable storage device like hard disks and flash drives so they can even spread to computers that are not connected through internet. Malware poses a major threat to your computer software and your data and in the worst cases they make any PC prone to a crash, which may cost you all the data. Under usual circumstances they may even result in a slow functioning PC and other computer malfunction.


Spyware in a broad category is a form of malware which installs on your computer on its own and collects information from your PC without your knowledge. Spyware normally keeps a tab on all the websites you visit and send information like passwords, credit card details, and bank account details to such people who may take advantage of such information or use them for criminal purposes. They normally gather this information by tracking what you type, also known as keylogging. Spyware is exceedingly dangerous and one should be extremely wary of them.


Phishing as an activity where the attacker intends to trick people into sending him/her some valuable personal information like online banking passwords, credit card information and such other sensitive data. They normally include sending emails or instant messages to people which appear to be from a reliable source for example from a bank. These emails lead to a fake website where all you bank or credit card details can be used to steal your money.

Fake Software

This is a fairly recent development that preys on the fear psychosis of the user. The hackers and the cyber criminals have walked an extra mile to create a fake antivirus software by the name of Rogue Security software. However, the whole process of download and installation seems to be genuine and even run a few scans but this software is not capable of removing any of the malware on your PC. This software will trick you into believing that your PC is highly virus and Trojan infested by releasing a fake report. Then it will claim to protect your PC from the reported threats if you buy the software. This is only a trick to dupe you of your money.


Ransomware is a form of malware that hacks your software when you visit an infected website. The ramsomware holds your computer at ransom by either disabling a part of your computer or by encrypting some of your files by a password. It prompts you to buy an unlock password or code to be able to access all the files on your PC. In case such a malware has installed itself on your PC, you would need to install it by downloading a virus removal tool.

The easiest protection from these threats is to have advanced antivirus software installed on your PC, so that the chances to any malware or spyware attacking your PC are minimal. The trick also lies in keeping all your software up-to-date and protected by a Firewall. It is better to protect your PC from such attacks than fixing the problem later on as it doesn’t guarantee the preservation of all your data.

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