As we herald in the New Year many of us take this time to reflect on the year past and to set intentions for the year to come. The use of Feng Shui can provide us with a deeper understanding and appreciation of our lives and our intentions.

For many of us this is a time for resolutions and resolutions are often focused on things we don’t like: our weight, our relationships, clutter in our home, our jobs or lack thereof, and our balance between work and life, to name a few. This year I’d like to suggest that we shift our focus from New Year resolutions to New Year realignments.

A New Year realignment is an awareness and appreciation for what’s working in our lives rather than a focus on what isn’t. When we focus our thoughts and energy on what’s working, we literally make it bigger.

And when we make the good in our lives bigger, those things that aren’t as good become smaller. When they’re smaller, they become less important and when they’re less important we give them less energy. With less energy they continue to get smaller.

Top 5 Lifestyle Feng Shui Tips for the New Year

* Clean your house – literally. When you take care of the space around you, you feel better about yourself and the world reflects your energy back to you…if you don’t like what you’re experiencing, give your house a good cleaning!
* Place your bed in the ‘Command Position’. The Command Position is when the position of the bed provides the widest view of the room and is supported by a solid wall. (The more you can see, the safer you feel and when you feel safe you feel supported.)
* Celebrate the positive in your life (no matter how small, good things are even better when we notice and appreciate them)
* Choose to shift your focus in your relationships away from what isn’t working and embrace what is working. (Changing your thinking and behavior is so powerful, it’s literally enough to completely makeover the quality of your relationship.)
* Write an affirmation focused on gratitude and appreciation on a lovely piece of paper and then plant that paper in the soil of a plant (ideally located in the Abundance area of your home). Each time you water that plant visualize the positive in your life growing stronger, more resilient and abundant.

In the world of Feng Shui you get what you focus on. Changing your focus energizes and empowers the positive in your life – and when our lives are empowered we are too!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with happiness, health and abundance!

Author's Bio: 

Laurie Bornstein is a Feng Shui coach, author, speaker and teacher. Her business, Harmony Life LLC, blends methods and techniques from holistic design, the principles of Feng Shui and the power of life coaching. Laurie is one of the 12 teachers in the world certified to teach beginning and advanced Interior Alignment and to teach and certify new Interior Alignment teachers. She is one of the original Interior Alignment Board members and remains actively involved as a member of the Advisory Board. Laurie is active in the International Feng Shui Guild where she serves as both the CEO and the Education Director; working to establish standards for practitioners and schools within the Feng Shui community. Laurie Bornstein, Professional Interior Alignment Feng Shui Teacher, Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Business on Purpose Marketing Expert. Offering Interior Alignment Certification, seminars, one-on-one and group coaching for Feng Shui professionals, and women entrepreneurs.