You might think that having a cooking range, kitchen utensils, ingredients and staff is all you need for a smooth-operating restaurant. But there’s actually more that makes a restaurant operation efficient, low-cost and customer-oriented. Modern technology helps in ensuring that you and your customers are satisfied with how the business is running.

The rapid technological development has crossed the hospitality industry. It is also benefiting from new devices, software and other technologies. The industry is seeing improved equipment that makes it easier to track inventory, cater to customers, and ensure a successful business. These developments also offer them a unique advantage against competitors and a chance to review their operations and improve on shortcomings.

This article will focus on new technologies adopted in the restaurant sector. It will shed light on evolutions in POS restaurant technology, customer service and inventory management among others.

POS Restaurant Technology

The point of sale system is among those restaurant tools that saw the biggest evolution in recent years. From the simple cash register used in diners in the 1950s, the POS grow to be an all-encompassing device. It has since integrated capabilities to connect with a customer-facing tablet computer that allows patrons to do everything on their own pace. There are also POS systems capable of being integrated with customer relations management software. This feature enables restaurants to see which customer is significantly contributing to the business and collect data for possible marketing initiatives.

Digital Menu

LCD screens are also taking over restaurants. Picture paints a thousand words. That’s also very true in the restaurant industry. Businesses are now harnessing advantages offered by LCD displays to showcase the food they have to offer. Adoption of this technology also saves restaurants money from spending on banners showing discounts they offer and limited promotions they have. It is also seen as a worthy investment as employees can spend time doing more important things than writing the menu on the chalkboard.

Restaurant Reservation System

Restaurants looking to tap into a new and wider market are investing on technologies that could make all this possible. Restaurant reservation systems allow them to take advantage of the potential offered by the Internet. Most customers nowadays are looking online for new places to eat. Having an online reservation system makes it easier for your potential customers to have a look and taste of what you have to offer.

Touchscreen Tablets

More restaurants are empowering their customers in all kinds of ways. A survey revealed that many of restaurant owners believe that they should invest in technology that makes it easier for customers to decide and make their order. The advent of customer-facing touchscreen tablets is among those disrupting the industry. These tablet computers are equipped with software/apps that allows the customer to order at her/his own pace. Some restaurants have also released their own mobile app to make ordering convenient and fast as possible.

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