Tarot reading is often covered in mystery. It is one of the techniques and mechanism that we have even heard a lot about it but never experienced it.Tarot is more than just shuffling cards, it has some myths.

Following are some myths about Tarot card reading-

1. Only the Gifted Ones Can Read Tarot
Tarot, in general, is an art that any man, woman, and child can appreciate. Any person can start learning of tarot card as it depends on the willingness to understand the meaning of each card. It is a symbolic way to depicting about the future, obstacles and other issues in human’s life.

2. The Tarot comes from Ancient Egypt
The earliest Tarot cards are originated in 16th century Italy. There is no proof of the existence of Tarot card anywhere else in the world. Some people claim that cards it is derived from the India or China but this is baseless.

3. Older Cards Have More Power
The meanings of each tarot card are the same. An old moldy deck or a newly purchased one both gives the same meaning. A card stock material is used for printed artwork on Tarot deck. Newer reprints may have poor quality than the older one. Newer versions of Tarot may have lost the artistic details which are present in older versions.

4. Receiving the Death card means someone is about to die
The symbolism of the cards represents the deeper life truths. In the case of the Death card, it represents change and evolution. It is not about actually signifying a death. The medieval mind Death represents an indispensable change and often a passing to a better place.

5. Reading your own cards will bring misfortune
Tarot card is the work of professional readers and experienced person. Some people believes that Tarot reading should be avoided by own cards because it is unlucky and not effective so much. A good Tarot reading requires 3 parties- the questioner, the reader, and the deck. So, playing these all role for your own reading is little difficult or even impossible.

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