Almost all of us have suffered constipation at one time or another in our lives; your body seems to have lost its natural rhythm, and you have accumulated waste.
The most natural instinct is to reach for a laxative, especially because they work fast and they are so easily available. But they have recently been shown to side effects, both in short term and long term. Continued use is especially dangerous because one develops dependency, and colon muscles can get damaged too.
There are natural remedies that you can use at home that work and work just as efficiently as laxatives only without any side effects. Here are 5 of them that you can try any time you are constipated:

1. Fruit

Increasing your fruit intake significantly is one sure way of getting rid of constipation. If you feel the build-up beginning, don’t wait. The faster you act, the better for you. Eat a plate of mixed fruits. Make sure that they are fresh – canned won’t do it. They should also have high fibre content. Mix some oranges, grapes, melon, pineapple and mango and eat it all. If you feel like it didn’t work, repeat. Fruits work by supplying water and roughage, and because they are easily digested, they will get to your colon fast and clean it out.

2. Vegetables

These work by supplying roughage. Many times, constipation happens because of eating foods that are too refined and have no fibre. Lack of fibre means that your waste has no grip. Because your colon muscles are smooth, your waste needs to have roughage so that it can move along. Eat lots of vegetables, especially the kind that you can eat raw like lettuce and carrots. If you have to cook them, make sure that they don’t go limp – that’s a sign that you're breaking down the fibre.

3. Exercise

A whole range of health issues arise from lack of exercise, and constipation is just one of them. When you exercise, you need energy. Your body responds to that need by supplying your cells with the necessary energy. While this is happening, the cells are also receiving oxygen. When you don’t exercise, or are not active, that whole process is broken down. Your cells, including your colon cells are operating at their minimum because they are receiving very little oxygen. This, by the way, is what happens to be the cause of so many health problems in people who don’t exercise; their cells are never at their best because they are always operating with a minimum supply of oxygen.
Your colon cells benefit like any other cells in your body from oxygen. Go out for a run and see if you will get a bowel movement after that. It works for many people.

4. Herbs

There are some herbs that are great at treating constipation. 2 that work almost immediately are aloe vera and stinging nettle. You can find these in the form of juice, especially for the aloe, and tea bags for the stinging nettle. Take them whenever you feel constipation starting to build up. There are many other herbal cures, but make sure to know what herb you're taking before you take it, and also the right dosage – herbs can be powerful.


It’s the first thing you should always try whenever you feel constipated. Drink water and drink lots of it. Keep yourself regularly hydrated. Dehydration causes your colon cells to go slack and therefore unable to move waste. This happens to other cells in the body as well. Make sure you take as much water as you can in a day.
If you try natural remedies and they are not working, you should consider that the constipation may be masking another illness. See a doctor just to be sure.

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