If you're overwhelmed with all of the advice you come across on the internet about how to be successful in network marketing, you're not alone. It can be a lot to take in all the information about how to make this internet thing work. Don't let it get you down. There are some simple, yet effective things you can do to find network marketing success tips without driving yourself batty with information overload.

To make it easy for you, here's my list of the top 5 network marketing success tips and a bit on how you can easily use each to your greatest advantage.

Network Marketing Success Tips #1: Focus on Your Goal

This sounds simple enough, right? What exactly is your goal? What do you want to accomplish? When figuring out your goal, make sure that you're very specific. The more specific you are the easier it will be for you to figure out what you need to do to accomplish that goal. Your goal will determine your course of action.

Network Marketing Success Tips #2: Grow Your Network Daily

You need simple, consistent, daily action to help you meet your goals. Focus on growing your network just a little bit every day. In spite of what some of the big guys might tell you, to be successful in network marketing, you don't really need 50 leads a day. I mean, come on. Can you realistically call 50 leads a day, even if you had them? No. Make it your goal to get 5 new prospects each day and build from there. Using a combination of online and offline strategies to help you. Employ simple, dublicatable, daily activities and stick with them day after day after day.
Network Marketing Success Tips #3: Expose Consistently

You want to have a consistent flow of prospects seeing your opportunity on a weekly basis. One way to test if you're consistently exposing is to ask yourself the question: "How many people saw my opportunity this week?". Keep some sort of written record of your work so you have built-in accountability.
Network Marketing Success Tips #4: Generate Momentum

Get yourself on track and keep going. Over time, you'll build up momentum as a natural by-product of your consistent efforts to build your organization over time. By generating your own momentum, you'll also be able to help your downline team members do the same thing. They will see your success as something they can do as well and you'll easily be able to teach them to duplicate your processes which will result in even more momentum.
Network Marketing Success Tips #5: Build Community and Loyalty

Once you start building momentum and your team starts doing the same, you want to keep in going. That's how you build a long-term successful business. You can do this by building a sense of community and loyalty within your team. Start having regular weekly training calls. Invite your team members to contribute their experiences, wisdom and tips. Most importantly, get your team members to live events. Live events are total game-changers and are absolutely vital to your team's continued growth and success. So get as many of them as possible to live events as often as you can.

I hope these network marketing success tips have helped take some of the stress off your day. I got these tips from this FREE training webinar. It's packed with a lot more helpful information for the just plain overwhelmed network marketer.

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Mary and Dean R Black are network marketers living in Atlanta, Georgia

For more on network marketing visit their blog at http://deanrblack.com