Open source solutions are boon for businesses and enterprises that either don’t have enough money to invest in tools or are skeptical about the usability of a particular solution or tool. The open source solutions are available for free. Of course, if you take help of experts for installation and setup, it would cost some bucks, but it is definitely much less than developing a custom solution or buying a 3rd party product.

There are 5 popular open source solutions that can be used by any business or enterprise. These solutions would add a sense of unified communication among different departments as well as different business entities, such as, customers, prospects, vendors, staff, investors, etc. Let’s have a glance at these top 5 open source solutions.

VICIDIal: Call Center Software

It is open source call center software, which can be used for both, inbound and outbound calling. This solution works on SIP as well as PRI lines. The SIP based solution will cut cost by 2x times compared to traditional calling. If you are thinking this solution can only be used in the call centers, then you are mistaken. This contact center solution can be used in different businesses that run campaigns for lead generation. Also, it is good to provide quality customer support services.

vTiger: CRM Solution

Managing information about leads and clients is the basic requirement for any company and organization. A majority of people still uses excel and word doc for the same. These solutions won’t keep your important data and information well organized. For that you need a CRM, aka Customer Relationship Management Solution. The vTiger is one of the most widely used and feature-rich CRM system. It is an open source solution. Thus, it is affordable to any small to large scaled business. It will not only maintain the records in the best way, but it will also automate some sales and business development operations. You can enhance its functionality with vTiger customization services.

FreePBX: IP PBX Solution

It is Asterisk based IP PBX solution. It comes with all traditional telecommunication features. Furthermore, it will make internal communication absolutely free and reduce the calling cost for outbound as well as international calls. This will save a lot of money. There are many more features of the FreePBX solution.

FusionPBX: Multi-tenant IP PBX solution

This is a FreeSWITCH based IP PBX Software with multi tenancy features. It means an enterprise can connect its multiple branches with this IP PBX Solution. It is more robust if you need to use video related calling features. This can be a great collaboration and communication solution. It comes with an extensive range of features.

A2Billing: Billing Solution

It is an open source billing solution for VoIP business owners. It can be integrated into any VoIP solution to automate and synchronize billing. The DID service providers, termination solution providers, ITSP and similar businesses can take maximum usage of this billing system.

End Note
These are the top open source solutions which are available for free if you know installation. You can take help of service providers for setup and installation. You can also customize these open source solutions according to your requirements. There are many experts who can help you with customization and custom development for the open source solutions.

A business can use all or selective solutions from the above-mentioned list based on their requirements and budget. These solutions will complete the communication ecosystem for any business and provide unified communication.

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David is working in a company that offers custom and open source solutions. The company provides open source software and services such as VICIDial solution, a2Billing system, FreePBX solution, vTiger Customization, FusionPBX and more.