General Anxiety Disorder (or GAD) can happen to anybody that has let the pressures of life creep up and begin to overwhelm them.

The effects of excessive worry and stress can have a range of different physical symptoms. Often times they can come on suddenly and are very intense. Of course, everyone is you may not experience all of the symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder listed below. However, if you experience several of the most common physical symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder at the same is very likely that you are having (what most people who have GAD commonly refer to as) a "panic attack" or an "anxiety attack".

1. The first symptom is usually a feeling of light-headedness or dizziness. This is often at the beginning of a panic attack. Some people describe the feeling as the same feeling you get when you've had little too much to drink. Others describe is as a sensation that the room is shifting a little around you. You may even have a rushing sound in your ears and a you may feel like you are about to faint.

2. Another symptom of General Anxiety Disorder is that you may experience having difficulty breathing. Again, it's described differently by different people but you may feel like you have a lump in your throat...and that it hurts when you swallow. Your chest may feel tight and constricted and you may have a hard time taking in deep slow breaths. Still others describe as if they have just ran a few miles and can't catch their breath.

3. Many times people experiencing symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder think they are having a heart attack because your pulse becomes faster and your heart seems to be trying to pound its way out of your chest. Even when sitting still, your heart rate may increase and becoming fluttery and uneven.

4. Usually, your face feels hot and flushed (kind of what it feels like when you have a high temperature). You may also feel nauseous.

5. Waves of anxiety...ranging from unwanted thoughts (picturing the worst possible outcome of whatever you are battling) feeling disconnected from reality (you fear you may be going crazy or losing your mind) feeling completely out of control.

One of the most mind boggling things about the symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder is that many times all of the symptoms are able to be kept solely internal. Although you are feeling deathly panicked on the inside (with your heart racing and your mind not being able to stay focused on anything), you are sometimes able to maintain your composure and you can somehow manage to force your physical body to remain completely still.

When you experience symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder, it feels like it lasts forever. In actuality anxiety attacks only normally last between five and twenty minutes.

Many people will have one or two anxiety attacks in their life time. If you find yourself having the above mentioned symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder on a regular basis and you find that they have begun to affect your ability to live a normal life... you may in fact have General Anxiety Disorder.

Note: Since many times the sense of panic can mimic the sensations of a heart attack, it is a very good idea to seek out professional attention to ensure there is not a physical reason for your attack.

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