Israel has some of the most beautiful and diverse places on Earth, from seas to deserts, mosques to churches, you'll be astonished on the variety of tourists attractions in the country. For people who want to travel the biblical Holy Land and experience firsthand, what is it like to explore such a diversity of places, here are the top 5 tourists destinations you should not miss while touring Israel.

The Beaches

You simply cannot choose a single beach to include in this list because all the beaches in Israel are worthy of your appreciation. There of the major seas of the world are linked to Israel, i.e. Mediterranean Sea, Red sea as well as Dead sea. You can travel to one part of the county and experience the exoticness of Mediterranean Sea and another to explore beaches of Red sea, however Dead sea stays the most intriguing place to visit in Israel. You will need to hire car rental services if you are planning on traveling to all these beaches in one tour.


Speaking of beaches, Haifa also has one of the most beautiful beaches to visit in Israel however that is not its sole attraction. Haifa is a place where you can see and meet people with various ethnicities, so if you want to explore different cultures you should go to this place. Haifa also has a port town from where you can rent yachts and take part in multiple water sports, not to mention that waves at Haifa beach are perfect for surfing.


When traveling to Israel, Jerusalem should be the first on anyone's list. The city of Jerusalem is the biggest source of income for Israel because it houses some of the holiest places in the world. For Muslims, it is the Mosque Al Aqsa, for Christians, it is the Church of Holy Sepulcher, for Jews, it is Yad VaShem, a holocaust remembrance site. The old city of Jerusalem is divided into four main quarters, belonging to Muslims, Christians, Jews and Armenians. Traveling around these quarters and visiting the Holy sites, you will certainly experience the holy spirit of the city.

Negev Desert

As the said earlier, Israel has a variety of ecosystems, one of which is the Negev Desert. You need to see its majesty with your own eyes to believe in it. There are many things you can do in the Negev desert, such as touring, quad biking, etc. but the most popular activity is spending the night at the desert. You will find a lot of camping sites at irregular intervals in the desert where you can enjoy a night under the starry sky. Moreover, you can also visit Ramon Crater, the largest erosion crater site in the world, measuring at 40 km in length and 10 km in width.

Tel Aviv

When you get tired of exploring the nature and taking in the holiness, you can travel to Tel Aviv for a change of pace. The city is considered the center of entertainment for tourists, with a large number of bars, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. You can visit Tel Aviv to make new friends, interact with other people and share your stories with them.

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