For every small business, growth always ranks high on the list of priorities. When it comes to setting up a proper Human Resources (HR) to manage employees, here are some practical HR hacks to help develop the company culture and create a productive team of employees.

Incorporating technology into the business’ daily operation can help to improve employees’ lives drastically. For instance, HR technology such as HR Information Systems can help to streamline HR processes such as leave applications, claims processing and payroll. Additionally, these technology tools can help to incorporate other functions such as HR and accounting for instance.

In today’s workplace, employees expect their employer to be transparent. This is the key to gaining employees’ trust. It does not necessary mean openly sharing employees’ salaries, but keeping employees’ in the loop on the business’ goals, changes or key decisions. Additionally, the HR team can sit together with the various line managers and the employee to explain why a particular employee is receiving this amount of compensation. Encouraging that kind of open communication will allow employees to feel less wary of top management’s decisions and create fewer rumors and distrust within the company.

Employees today strive to acquire more skills and knowledge by working together with people outside their team. Encouraging a spirit of collaboration amongst the various teams can help to generate more innovative ideas and increase employees’ morale at the same time.

Invest in your employees by encouraging them to further their education or pick up new skills. It need not necessarily by sponsoring their entire post-graduate education but simply granting them the necessary time-offs or have the HR team set up a platform where employees can source for courses easily. This will help your employees to be the best professional in their field which will add to your the overall productivity levels in the organisation as well.

The first impression always counts. A poor onboarding and orientation process can result in high turnover rates in the long run. Instead, ensure that there is a proper onboarding process in place such as settling the paperwork before the new employee comes in and setting up the necessary meetings with different departments to allow the new employee to better understand the business. Likewise, it is imperative that the HR team is aware of the onboarding and orientation processes to ensure that the new employee can start off on the right foot.

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