If you must attract great wealth into your life, you've got to take steps to realize that. You must work it out in order to see great results. One way to succeed in attracting wealth into your life is to make use of prosperity affirmations. They are simply special sentences or words loaded with positive ideas that can help you become rich. There are several of such affirmations you can use. Discussed below are top 5 among them.

1. I'm healthy and Wealth

This positive affirmation helps you to condition your mind towards believing you're already making wealth even when the opposite is the case. Your words have power all the time. When you say "I'm healthy and wealthy", your subconscious mind picks that and then gets set to look for avenues that can help in realizing your confession.

2. I'm a Seed Planter and Hence, I'm entitled to reap great harvest

This positive affirmation will only work for you when you're sure you've been in the habit of sowing wealth seeds. You need to be a giver in order make easy wealth in life. Seed time and harvest time will always follow each other. If you don't plant your seed, there's no way you can harvest anything irrespective of your daily positive confessions. When you give money to others, you've set a law in motion. You're sure to reap abundant harvest in due time. Apart from money, you need to invest time and quality subliminal resources into developing yourself. You need to purchase various subliminal messages and make time out to listen to them. You're sure to succeed when you use the affirmation on a daily basis.

3. I'm Financially Secure

This is another unique positive affirmation you must use regularly. You have to keep affirming your financial security even when you don't have a dime. You must refuse to accept your present condition. You have to live and act wealthy if you must realize enough wealth. Banish every tendency to confess negatively in the face of oppositions. You're sure to re-condition your mind to success when you use the affirmation always.

4. I'm Safe and Secure

This affirmation helps you to boost your mind and actions. You have to keep repeating it often and on especially when challenges come up in your journey of success. You must affirm your health security all the time in order to maintain a healthy mind that will propel you to achieve great wealth in future.

5. I see a great future

This affirmation helps you to see a picture of your future right from where you are. You have to use it often in order to fight negative thoughts and ideas. Your future is secured when you affirm it every day.

In all, there are several other positive affirmations you can use for wealth creation. There are no specific words you must use. You have the ability to form better sentences that can help you out. All you need is to make sure the wordings contain positive ideas that can condition your mind to go for wealth success all the time.

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