Among the common problems of washing machines people face in their everyday life for both top load and front load appliances, spinning issues are quite common. Customers often lodge their complaint about their washer not spinning at all or has stopped working in the middle while you have dumped your clothes inside it for washing.

Wondering, what exactly leads to such a problem? Well, before you call up the professionals of washing machine repair in Liverpool, you can try and find the possible reasons for yourself. Here is how you should proceed with your checkup. Follow the trail below.

Problem 1# The Pump Pulley has Frozen

Having trouble with the pump inside the washing machine can lead to the spinning issue. A quick look inside the access panel can let you realise whether the problem is with the pump or not.

If you find out that the pump pulley is frozen as you try to turn it, replacement is the only solution left for you. Even the spinning issue can also occur if the pump belt is worn out. In that case, as well, replacement stands as the only solution.

Problem 2# Drive Belt is Damaged or Broken

Another common reason for washing machine spinning problem occurs when the drive belt of the machine is broken. There is a simple hack to find out whether it is causing the spinning problem or not.

Open the lid of your washing machine and try to spin the drum by hand. In the case, you find out that the drum is smoothly spinning without showing any sign of resistance, it may indicate the problem that the drive belt might be broken.

Problem 3# The Drive Motor is Burnt

Did you know that the drive motor used in a washing machine is a bit different from that of the other motors? It is basically a reverse motor. It runs in one direction for spinning and other direction for agitating.

If any of these two directions get damaged, the motor will stop functioning. So, check whether the drive motor of your washing machine is in its most excellent condition or not. According to the experts of washing machine repair in West Hoxtonif you find out any signs of sparkles under the washing machine, consider it as the time for a quick replacement.

Problem #4 The Lid Switch Got Damaged

Your washing machine might refuse to spin if the lid switch stops functioning. You can try a simple DIY method to get the machine started again. Just remove the upper part of your washing machine keeping the washer plugged in.

In this situation, try to depress the lid switch. Don’t delay to call up the specialists of washing machine repair in Prestons to make sure you can quickly get the lid switch replaced.

Problem #5 Clutch Starts Malfunctioning

Not all the washing machine mechanism features clutch, but some of those certainly do. And, you should know that the problems with clutches can actually lead to spinning issues. Either the drum will not spin at all, or you will find a sudden decrease in the spinning speed. Consider it as the time for a replacement.


So, now you certainly have got a clear idea about what might be causing the spinning issues with your washing machine. You can easily find the core problem by yourself or take the professional help right from the beginning. The choice is yours.

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