Social media is the new trend. Be it your mother browsing YouTube for chicken recipes or your father talking with his childhood friend on Facebook, there is no denying the fact that social media has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives.
The massive popularity of social media has not gone unnoticed. As a result, organisations irrespective of size, infrastructure, or genre, are looking forward to leveraging these social media platforms for brand growth.
Social Media Marketing has become an essential part of Digital Marketing. You will see the top agencies providing digital marketing services in Kolkata are often packed with an experienced team of social media experts.
Social Media has become a mandate for every business nowadays when it comes to marketing. And here are the main reasons why:
Connection – The best part of social media is that it bridges the communication between brands and the general public. Be it launches a new product or announcing a healthy discount on brand products, social media is that platform through which brands can easily connect with the general public.
Online Reputation Management – Consumers are prosumers nowadays. Price and warranty are no longer the only 2 things which brands are bothered about when it comes to making a purchase decision. Studies suggest people spend a considerable amount of time on reading online reviews before purchasing or opting for a particular service. Through social media, brands can connect with the audience and discover what they feel about their brand. They can use social media to work on popular grievances and turn them into a happy solution.
Helps in SEO – There is a lot of debate on the impact of social media on SEO. In simple words, social media helps in SEO. You will notice that a vast majority of websites have social media links. This is because a clear link between the social profiles and website brings the traffic from the social feed to the landing page and vice-versa. This improves search rankings by bolstering page authority.
Boosts Local Search Results – Local search results crawl social media presence. If your social media profiles have a substantial number of positive reviews and a healthy number of followers then it can definitely bolster your local search ratings. Ensure that social media channels contain basic contact details like address, contact number, and e-mail.
Measurability – The best part about marketing is that there is no fixed rule for success. It is constantly evolving and what was a blockbuster strategy yesterday can be a big flop today. This is why brands need to constantly experiment and measure their performance. While this is impossible in terms of traditional marketing but social media makes that incredibly easy. Measurability is one of the biggest features of social media. You can simply check how your campaigns have performed, how many engagements they have received, how many clicks, and more. The social media insights are extremely helpful.

There are hits and misses too in social media. It is true that social media has immense potential but you need a proper strategy for everything. You cannot just pack your page with fancy content and flashy images and then wait for the lead flood to arrive.
There are lots of factors to be taken care of like time, budget, target audience, and more. This is where a professional social media agency can help your cause. The companies providing digital marketing services in Kolkata are best known for their innovative thinking and an array of talents.
Best of Luck!
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