Mobility is an all-pervasive force that has changed how customers behave and what customers want from their transactions. When asked to describe the role of mobile in their lives, most users say things like ‘butler,' ’life-line,' ‘executive assistant.' However, the mobile user’s consumer journey is shaped by hundreds of micro-moments, and it is necessary for brands to be available on-the-go when consumers reach out to their devices. Be it to research products and services or to buy last-minute gifts.

This is why eCommerce mobile apps have become an inseparable part of your overall digital commerce strategy and not just a supplement to your website. Let’s see how eCommerce mobile app development can enable your growth and build your omnichannel customer experience:

Extend Your Reach and Visibility: Smartphone applications have redefined the contextual perception of an online store. An eCommerce app is almost expected in addition to your traditional web store, and they help in reinforcing your brand and reach, as you potentially reach out to a broader customer base. Your app’s logo and icon serve as subtle but powerful reminders to your users’ as they navigate their phone screens countless times through the day.

Personalized Content: Every customer enjoys the ‘royal’ treatment which is the underlying principle behind ‘customer is king’ precept. The online world may not be as tangible as the brick and mortar stores but with the trend of personalization – mobile apps have a virtual finger on the customers’ pulse. Personalized content can be delivered based on the users’ browsing history, age, geographic location, culture, interests and many other criteria as the algorithms evolve. Mobile apps are the ideal medium for serving personalized content as they allow users to explicitly define their preferences based on which app can offer more immersive and engaging content and custom recommendations.

Ease Of Use And Device Features: Mobile apps have the singular benefit of leveraging essential device elements. Ranging from the camera to scan PFDs, QR and Barcodes or NFC to use for payments. Not to mention the advanced security options that fingerprint scanning and facial recognition provide – making mobile an increasingly safe and secure choice for online purchases. When implemented correctly, eCommerce apps can make the shopping process a breeze and matter of a few taps – this can be quite a boon for the busy customers.

Not To Mention The Device/Desktop Integration: The continuity of shopping from one channel to another that helps customers to carry on their shopping journey seamlessly across devices. Apps have the potential to shorten the shopping journey by providing the user with quicker ways of interaction and task completion.

Push Notifications: The power to push instant and non-intrusive notifications to your customers’ apps is a popular reason why enterprises and businesses build a mobile app. It allows you to nudge the passive user-base into taking notice of your updates and users is a major reason why enterprises and businesses should build an app. Push notification technology allows you to tap into the inactive customer-base and revive interest in your brand without customers’ having to access the apps.

Geo-Targeted Offers: Beacon technology is not new to the retail world nor a fad. With the help of geolocation technology, retailers can increase their sale and revenue by making use of proximity marketing. Based on the users’ location you can deliver relevant offers and products at the nearest retail store. With the help of location-based offers, artificial intelligence, and predictive analysis take personalization to another level and drive more traffic to the offline stores.

Mobile apps are no longer a nice-to-have for eCommerce businesses. There is an excellent power in the hands of the mobile consumer and eCommerce mobile apps can leverage this opportunity for driving traffic and conversion. Does your mobility strategy include an eCommerce app? What Please share your opinion in the comments section below.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software. This article shows how important it is to have an eCommerce mobile application for your online store.