I will bet that you did not expect to hear advice about mixing your personal business with your professional business! Let us face it, if you are not clear about and do not have your personal boundaries – including your life purpose, mission, vision, goals, principles and top three values – already in place, then you will be taking the long way to your dream destination and will not be taken as seriously in business and life as you would like to be. So, mixing personal with business is essential for work-life success and satisfaction. Yes, personal and business boundaries go hand in hand.
Why mix personal with business boundaries?
Reason #1: Strong personal boundaries create strong relationships and businesses.
Reason #2: Boundaries are an effective way to upgrade the quality of your life, as they decrease stress, overwork and overwhelm, and increase your bottom line.
Reason #3: Together, personal and business boundaries make a powerful team, whose sum is greater than their parts.
Reason #4: The Universe loves and is attracted to order, including boundaries, which clarify what you want and are committed to.
Reason #5: Knowing and stating what you want is sexy!
By identifying and respecting your personal boundaries, it is easier for you to, as The Highly Sensitive Person in Love author Elaine N. Aron states it: “let in what is useful and keep out what is not useful, like others' needs for you to respond in ways they want rather than ways good for the both of you.” Using hand analysis language, this holds true especially for people in the School of Love, who are here to feel their feelings and put into practice Nike’s mantra “just do it” as they go about on their dream journey, regardless of how uncomfortable they may feel along the way. Also, to piggyback on Dr. Phil’s popular saying, “You teach people how to treat you”, clearly-set boundaries allow people to know and understand how you want to be treated. Interestingly, if you take this saying one step further, you can also state, “I am teaching myself how I want to be treated”. Setting personal parameters is the ultimate way of showing that you love and respect yourself. How powerful is that? Powerful enough to shift from insecurity and self-blame to confidence and healthy self-esteem. And I cannot think of anything sexier than people who feel secure and solid about who they are… feel completely at home both inside and outside of their homes.

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