If you’re a member of the vaping community, chances are that you’ve already heard about a new trend - a desktop vaporizer. Even though these vapes have been on the market for 15 years, these devices are gaining popularity now as modern customers crave for personalization, comfort, and better experience.

Yes, desktop vaporizers are taking the industry by storm, but you need to identify whether these vapes suit your style of vaping and lifestyle before making the purchase.

In this article, I’ve gathered top 5 reasons why you need a desktop vaporizer. Read it and decide!

What Makes a Desktop Vaporizer Different from Portable Vapes?

While most vapers are familiar with portable vapes, just a few of them know what is a desktop vaporizer and what makes it different from mobile devices apart from the size. A desktop vaporizer, also known as a table top vaporizer, is a vaping device for home usage that works when it’s plugged into any wall outlet. In comparison with portable vapes, these devices are obviously bigger, so they can feature advanced vaping technologies.

Actually, there is a big difference between portable vapes and desktop vaporizers, and if you’re hesitating whether you need to get a table top vaporizer, take a look at the list of reasons .

If you don’t have much time, this picture can help you understand the top 5 reasons to buy desktop vaporizers. If you’re interested in figuring out more, you’re welcome to keep on reading the article.

1. Home Vaporizers Offer the Best Vaping Experience

Since a desktop vaporizer is bigger in size than any portable vape, it can include more complicated vaping technologies. Moreover, your desktop vaporizer will never need to be charged and it doesn’t depend on the battery life as it works from any wall outlet. As a result, it can provide users with more clouds and a richer flavor.

2. Table Top Vaporizers Give Opportunities to Customize your Vaping Process

One of the most common desktop vaporizer types is a forced-air vape, also known as a balloon bag. When you use this device, you can customize the bag size and make a unique vaping process. These devices are more powerful, and you can program the settings that fit your needs and wants, so desktop vaporizers are better for customizing your vaping process and making the most out of your sessions. If you can’t get enough with portable vapes, it’s your way to enjoy the process for full.

3. Home Vaporizers be Used for Medical Purposes

For many years, desktop vaporizers have been used as medical devices as the only way to consume medical herbs. In Canada, the Volcano Vaporizer is an approved medical device. Do you want to give up smoking? Get a desktop vaporizer! Although both portable and desktop vaporizers don’t produce smoke which is great for breaking the smoking habit, you can’t take your desktop vaporizer wherever you want, so it guarantees fewer sessions.

4. Desktop Vaporizers are Perfect for Social Vaping Sessions with Friends

Believe it or not, desktop vaporizers can be a social experience. Since the vaping sessions can be longer, it’s easier to gather with friends and share the same desktop vaporizer while having fun. Yes, it may be difficult to pass it around in a circle, but it’s still perfect for social vaping with friends as you don’t have to refill the device or charge the battery. If you’re a sociable person who enjoys regular vaping sessions, a desktop vaporizer is what you need!

5. Table Top Vaporizers are More Durable

At first blush, desktop vaporizers are more expensive than portable vapes. However, table top vapes can help you save money over the long haul as they are more durable. First of all, they are made of high-quality materials that protect the device. Plus, they are larger which means the possibility to separate the digital circuitry from heating components, and therefore increase its lifespan. The size is also the reason for its easier maintenance that allows users to take a proper care of the device and guarantee its proper work. Since you don’t take your desktop vaporizers wherever you go, it also minimizes the chances of damage. All in all, desktop vaporizers are more durable and they can serve you long years.

As you can see, there are manyreasons to buy desktop vaporizers, and nearly every vaper can find the proof to give these devices a try.

It’s Your Turn

For a variety of reasons, it’s no wonder more and more vapers choose desktop vaporizers these days. Even if you love vaping on the go, desktop vaporizers can provide you with unbelievable vaping experience as these devices are made for more clouds and better flavor. There’s no need to get rid of your portable vape: you can use both gadgets in the rotation.

Winter is coming, so desktop vaporizers can help you spend quality time with friends in a funny and cozy manner.

Now, it’s your turn to say whether you’re into home vaping sessions or not. So, are you with us?

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